Fukushima again threatens

Is Fukushima new Chernobyl, whether and where to happen, "China Syndrome" breaking shell of a nuclear reactor by a molten nuclear core?


After the disaster that occurred 3/11/2011., Made by the earthquake and tsunami, the number one nuclear reactor in Fukushima  reactor melted and melted having concealed all cooling systems, then a significant amount of radioactive fuel core penetrated the lining of the reactor container and so leaked into the outer layer and container.

On Wednesday, the Tokyo Electric Company and Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepca) stated that the fuel melted eroded concrete base reactor container at a depth of 65 inches.

In case of further erosion of 37 inches, melted radioactive fuel will reach the last wall of steel.

But analysts Tepca are trying to reassure the public with the claim that the current prediction of the situation in a reactor based on temperature changes of cooling water which is fed to the reactor.

Analysts Tepca claim that the remaining 37 inches of concrete base of the reactor sufficiently to prevent the radioactive fuel is heated to break out of the reactor shell. Airanga (Korean national television Airang Global TV) experts are not convinced that so few concrete fail to prevent a nuclear catastrophe. They feel that we must prepare for the worst case scenario.

If fuel breaks through the remaining plating reactor, which is only 37 inches thick, then it will melted nuclear fuel to penetrate into the soil. Airang considers Tepca  professionals must find a solution to ensure that this does not happen.

They consider it necessary to make a barrier thickness of 5 -10 meters below the nuclear power plant in such a worst-case scenario.

If the radioactive fuel to break ground this will make all sorts of problems, including disabling the safe removal of nuclear fuel, which should happen in the future, specifically for the 30 years ago when the nuclear core has cooled enough that they could be repaired.

Kim Yeon-ji journalist of Airang said Tepca experts have no other option but to hasten the preparations for and to find a way to prevent erosion of the radioactive fuel inside the reactor.

The silence of governments and the world press about the radiation dangers from Fukushima is alarming to say the least. We have an open nuclear sore on the planet, a radioactive boil that continues to burst casting a toxic shadow on the people of Japan and a few other billion people who happen to live in the northern hemisphere.The municipality of Fukushima has created a plan to bring radiation exposure in all inhabited areas of the city to below a microsievert per hour within two years. Wishful thinking is allowed in Japan for it's about the only thing that will stand up to the radiation that continues to pile up in the northern reaches of that country including Tokyo.

Concern is deepening that fallout from the Fukushima plant may have spread over a much wider area than previously thought. No matter how much the press and governments hide the dangers of radiation, fear is rising as the Geiger counters continue to click, demonstrating the levels of fallout that are striking on people's skin and the crops in the fields.

As the crisis drags on, worries are growing, particularly among Fukushima Prefecture residents over futile nuclear decontamination operations. The unease is especially strong in areas in and around mountains that must be repeatedly decontaminated, as every rainfall brings a new batch of radioactive substance-contaminated leaves and soil washing down from the hills.  Decontamination in this case is futile -- actually worse than futile if you think of the eventual necessity to decontaminate the entire northern hemisphere.

Kyodo News reported that a citizens' group detected levels as high as 5.82 microsieverts per hour in a park in the town of Funabashi, Chiba prefecture, 130 miles from Fukushima. That is five times higher than the highest levels recorded in the city since the March 11 disaster.

The week of October 12, 2011, officials in Yokohama, just south of Tokyo and 250 km from the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, said they had found abnormally high levels of strontium-90 in sediment on the roof of a block of flats. The radioactive isotope, which has a half-life of 29 years, can accumulate in the bones and cause bone cancer and leukemia. In September officials in Yokohama said they had detected 40,200 Becquerel's of radioactive caesium per kilogram of sediment collected from a roadside ditch.

Japan's Fukushima prefecture began health checkups of 360,000 children amid worries that radiation exposed them to the risk of thyroid abnormalities. The screenings began after a recent unofficial survey reported that 10 out of 130 children evacuated from Fukushima had hormonal and other irregularities in the thyroid glands. Radiation fears are now a daily fact of life, with reported cases of contaminated water, beef, vegetables, tea and seafood due to the Fukushima crisis.

There's reportedly been a lot of testing by the Japanese government of the rice crop in the weeks leading up to this harvest and there have been a few cases where the rice has been found to be contaminated with levels of radioactive caesium. Now we hear from the Fukushima prefectural government that it believes all the rice being harvested is safe and that it will go on the market. Other people are saying if you see "made in Fukushima" on a bag of rice, steer well clear of it.

These are not normal times in Japan or anywhere else around the world and even the nuclear industry has been shaken to its soul. "The accident had a profound effect in Germany, China and several other countries, serving as a fearful reminder of what can go wrong with nuclear power plants. Phase-outs were the order of the day in Germany (where Chancellor Angela Merkel also demanded immediate shutdowns of eight of the country's oldest reactors) and Switzerland. China suspended approvals for new reactors pending a safety review, which is now reportedly completed. This has resulted in a downward revision of China's unofficial pre-Fukushima goal to install 86 gigawatts of nuclear capacity by 2020. It now looks like that will be set around 60 gigawatts (up from around 12 currently) or just a little higher," reported the Times.

 The Finnish nuclear consortium Fennovoima announced on October 5 that it will build a reactor, the first nuclear reactor site to be announced since the March nuclear plant disaster in Fukushima. Perhaps they got excited about the recent news that the amount of radiation being emitted from the complex has diminished by one-half from a month ago. This news is not at all encouraging, for the radiation levels were and still are incredibly high.

For years to come there will be sickness and death associated with this disaster. Nuclear problems just do not go away. For instance the operator of the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant is struggling to deal with hundreds of thousands of protective suits used by workers during the crisis. It really is too bad that we have not developed technologically enough to build star ships so we could just unload these suits and millions of tons of contaminated soil into space.

It is important to know that governments' calculations on safe levels of radiation assume only brief exposure. Chronic and persistent exposures need to be calculated in a very different mathematical way and this is just not what they are doing. "The standard does not take into account the effects of accumulative exposure," Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said. "We are discussing what standards to use for accumulative radiation." You can be sure that the numbers they choose will be presented in a non-alarming way for they cannot risk the citizens rising up with pitchforks in their hands.

The real bottom line in this case is one of human action or inaction in terms of formulating appropriate medical treatments for our families. To save face or to maintain cruel human farming techniques or for whatever reason you can think of -- what the governments want is for their populations to remain calm and to minimize to the greatest extent possible truthful information that would lead citizens to take evasive actions of any type.

The medical industrial complex cannot have the populations
learning of alternative treatments, for they are not
in the business of promoting or selling any of these.

The number of people running around still thinking that everything is going to be just fine and that life is going to continue on the same comfortable course as it has these past decades is declining. Many people, for many different reasons, have lost everything and it is truly staggering to think about how much can be taken away from a person or family in the blink of an eye. Radiation does not usually smash us in the blink of an eye but fetuses and very young infants might tell a different story if they could communicate with us.

Video: Japanese communities record Chernobyl-level radiation

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2012, directed the New World Order

Canadian journalist and researcher Serge Monast first warned of the Project Blue Beam, in the mid nineties, and then suddenly died under suspicious circumstances. The plan is carried out in four steps, and the final result should be a final and complete establishment of the new world order, with the new faith.

In the 21 century, almost nothing is impossible. And even fake Apocalypse. At least so say many Internet sources that are referenced in the story of NASA's Project Blue Beam (Blue Air). The first is the alleged project warned a journalist and researcher Serge Monast (1945-1996), which are part of a Masonic conspiracy theories and new world order is still very popular and cited. Monast was unable to "just so" to spread his truth, he founded the Free Press Agency (AIPL, l'Agence Internationale de Presse Libre), who published his work and warned of the dangers that threaten the world's governments. His first story about the Blue ray released in 1994, in 1995. and his most comprehensive work "The Protocols of Toronto, 6.6.6" (Les Protocoles de Toronto (6.6.6), written on the model of "Protocols of the Elders of Zion", where he stated that the Masonic group 6.6.6. stores that within 20 years, takes precedence and establish a new world order and the mind control of individuals. During the 1995th and 1996. Manastir complained that he haunts the police and the government - for participation in the "network of restricted information" and that they feared for their lives. September 1996, Canadian authorities seized his two children because they are educated at home rather than in public schools. Somewhat later, in December, after a night spent in custody, he died at home, officially of a heart attack, although had not suffered from the heart. Monast's supporters now claim that the death was violent, and actually performed psihotronic weapons - as is already customary in the new world order. 

And what is written Serge Monast mid-1990s? When the impartial observer views the world as long arrived in the meantime - his theory does not work it is impossible or at least - not impracticable .... The technology is largely in place, just missing (if?) Sufficient disease minds to use it .... Many believe that the "final" story - "Night of a thousand stars" - set the date: it is precisely the fatal 21st 12th 2012th

Many of today cite Monast's works, and some add something of your own, and draw from all this, most claims. All in all, the alleged project of Blue Beem is designed to fake the second coming of the Messiah, and would take place in four "steps".

The first step involves disrupt the fundamental beliefs about human origins, religious doctrines, and the whole philosophy of life. Does this act like a difficult task? By Monast, it's more than feasible (especially when one considers that the science of Monast?s time progressed further). Allegedly the world's governments could easily trigger earthquakes at selected strategic locations (they, unfortunately, our findings provide their Nikola Tesla ...), where they will "accidentally" be discovered ancient, ever "lost" archaeological evidence that would call into question all interpretations great religious doctrines. By Monast, preparation for this has been done through various media disinformation campaign and sci-fi movies about alien civilizations and technologies.

"Seedling" falsified evidence will reveal to archaeologists who will suggest that, regardless of which religion and culture were the new findings show that the believers were "duped" for thousands of years. This would most people doubted in their respective fundamental spiritual belief in God, the Bible and other versions of Judgement Day.

Step two requires that the laser light and the sounds used to project bright and completely made-up "show programs" in the sky. Some in connection with this part of the plan and bring chemtrails, chemical traces of planes, in addition to poison us, the skies are white or gray, which is the ideal backdrop for these projections - as a cinema screen.

What will be the theme of space plays a large scale? Besides the UFO files, with three-dimensional optical hologram and special sounds, he would find himself there, and religious "widget": different images for different parts of the world - in line with the dominant national religious beliefs in this area. "God's" voice will be heard in several languages (this will be achieved by transmitting over very low frequencies using the HAARP complex). All of this will be the simulation of the Apocalypse, in which all nations will be shown the target scene (for Christians - the Bible). Apparently they have already designed devices that can pick up in the air a large number of people, those people on Earth will not be seen. By Monast, an introduction for this is "exercise" with the alleged abduction by aliens. Computers will coordinate the satellites that will project images, and software performance has long been ready.

With computer animation and sounds appropriate, the followers of different religions may believe will be their savior back. And then the projection of Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna .... - Merge into one - the one God. This "God" said Monast, just being the Antichrist, which will further clarify that the various holy books wrongly understood and interpreted (for which humanity would already be prepared in the first step of the project), and that the old religion is to blame for the fact that the brothers and nations fighting each other. So - the old religious doctrine should be abolished to pave the way for the world religion of a new era with a new "god" - the Antichrist.

This shows that, as planned, resulted in the disappearance of social and religious differences, and the people would blame each other for the previous "errors" in terms of religion, which led to millions of religious fanatics. Monast argues that, no less - the official religion of the United Nations to introduce a new era, all with Beethoven's Ode to Joy.

The third step is to be designed in a certain vision of human minds, so it looks like it is a personal idea of ​​each individual to be contacted BOG. This is possible by using EL F, VLF, LF waves (and scalar waves), which affect the brain activity so that people can hear God speaking to him. It is not unknown, but there is an interactive computer system is able to mix "their" ideas into your thinking naturally, so you can not tell the difference. All in all, most people will know "the heart" is exactly what God wants you supposed to believe. "Without a universal belief in religion, New Age, the success of the new world order will be impossible!" - Writes Monast.

Step four involves electronically induced supernatural phenomena, in short - we will work on making humanity believe that the alien invasion just started in every major city on the planet, what will all those who possess nuclear weapons to force you to activate or bar - open stance at the ready. The world will be on the brink of nuclear annihilation, but - to the attacks will never come. However, this extremely dangerous situation to be the reason that all nations come together and disarm under UN auspices. Incidentally, this will make the Christians believe that the attack did not come just because some other benevolent alien forces came to save the "good" people on Earth from a brutal Satanic attack "bad" aliens.

And then comes the finale - the so-called "Night of a thousand stars." By Monastovom view, all those who stood in the way of the new world order will be arrested, killed or declared "missing", all under the guise of biblical upcoming Ascension. Although the purported 'saviors (good aliens) arrived - this does not mean that the battle was won, but it is necessary to ensure complete unity to humanity survived. And to come to that, he explains Monast, engineered a special "light show". During one or two nights will be used psychotronic and other devices - for designing the supernatural, Satanic images in human minds, many will see the spirits, to fall into a state close to madness, which will cause a global panic, suicides, murders, riots, etc. After the "Night thousands of stars, "also known as the" Night of a thousand stars, "people will be willing to accept any new" messiah "who would restore peace and order, even if it cost us all of freedom.

And when will all this happen? Monast talked about some twenty years ago (late 1995), and, as he explains, the first indication that the start of the implementation plan will be - change the monetary system. This part of the preparation for it will happen in two phases. The first phase involves created an economic crisis (that is, most agree, has occurred, 2008, and recently the world of "almost" shook another, when there was talk of possible bankruptcy of America). All in all, the crisis will lead to a "need" to change the dollar into a new currency - one that will be used in the United States, and the other in the world. And then, considered Monast, to be staged yet another crisis that will completely solve the problem. This second crisis is supposed to occur due to the rapid increase of corruption, fraud and counterfeiting of money. All of this will be resolved easily, so that the world will be "free" cache and the entire financial system will be transferred to your computer. In this way the new world order will be able to track all financial transactions and to easily find out everything you wanted to know. By following the money will be easy to detect a potential problem and his opponent, and to eliminate them. You probably do not need to clarify, but anonymous cash means freedom, and therefore it simply must be removed to be established complete control.

Well ... So writes Serge Monast, a "premiere" performances by many is scheduled for 21 December 2012 (if that would mean that the whole story about the meaning of the Mayan calendar, the result of manipulation '). Probably most of all it seems like science fiction, but - why not? The technology exists, madmen hungry for power also exist "since the beginning of time," handler there ... nothing is impossible. How many people believe the rumors about the Nazi death camps in Hitler's time? Have you, for example, believe that someone in the 20 century can slaughter and torture their Slavic brethren, or to someone on the justice of God bombed a European capital - Belgrade, and kill so many innocent people in Serbia? Or that someone (who?) Organize driving plane and the demolition of "twin towers"? Rumors about evil in the minds of people, stories about the crimes - an ordinary man often seen as just - rumors, because most people simply can not believe that other people are able to do such things, or that one's power to organize. And these things did happen and that is why nothing is impossible (though - we do not claim to be such a thing really happen). Just imagine a situation in which (I repeat - the technology for something like this already exists) may not know whether our thoughts - it really ours.

Think about it ...

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Saving our Planet with ‘Deep Green Resistance’

From what makes an effective resister to effective resistance strategies, in  Deep Green Resistance,  Aric McBay, Lierre Keith and Derrick Jensen lay out the reasons for and methods of bringing down industrial civilization. The goal is saving the biosphere, and with it, Homo sapiens.
In Endgame a two-volume tome that everyone should read, Jensen writes, “Bringing down civilization means depriving the rich of their ability to steal from the poor, and it means depriving the powerful of their ability to destroy the planet.” He backs this up with his Twenty Premises.

DGR agrees: “It means thoroughly destroying the political, social, physical, and technological infrastructure that not only permits the rich to steal and the powerful to destroy, but rewards them for doing so.”

The breakthrough documentary, The Corporation, reveals that corporations are psychopathic with a single value: Increase profits no matter the cost to cultures, ecosystems or the planet as a whole. In tandem, Andrzej Łobaczewski’s Political Ponerology shows how hierarchies like corporations and governments draw psychopaths, so that today they dominate positions of power throughout the world.

Yet, social justice advocates maintain with near parallel psychopathy that those who lack a conscience can be shamed into good behavior by waving protest signs or signing petitions.DGR elaborates on overall strategy and specific tactics. It shows conclusively how past strategies and tactics “ranging from ineffectual to ridiculous” have failed.

Lighting candles, waving protest signs, or lobbying power as if it has a conscience has not stopped the ongoing destruction of Earth. At best, arrested protesters get publicity. But the business of destroying our planet proceeds unabated.

No one with integrity would deny that the chemical, pharmaceutical, nuclear, and resource extraction industries, along with industrial agriculture and wars, are squarely to blame for the mass die offs  over the past year. Even the USDA admits to killing a million birds a year, deliberately. The situation has become serious. Nearly three-fourths of scientists today acknowledge the Holocene Extinction (our time period), during which 150-200 species a day are going extinct. Citing Harvard entomologist Edward O. Wilson, the 200-a-day figure is hammered throughout the text.

In addition to global and local economies, the ecological catastrophe of this ongoing mass extinction threatens every kingdom of life.Yet, having a thousand or 10,000 protesters arrested in front of the White House will not stop drilling for oil in the tar sands. Big Oil is going full steam ahead. DGR condemns such futile tactics. Instead, direct action is needed. The oil infrastructure is vulnerable, the authors assert. Any number of well conceived tactics can halt production, if that’s what you sincerely want to do.

To prove this, DGR points out that Ken Saro-Wiwa and his nonviolent group were likewise unable to stop Royal Dutch/Shell’s ongoing destruction of Nigeria. After he and eight others were executed, a militant group ( MEND )  has since stopped a third of oil production in the Niger Delta. They did this with acts of sabotage and direct violence against drillers. Their motto is, ‘if you stay here, you die here.’

Similar tactics could be applied in the Gulf of Mexico, where 1,500 oil rigs are destroying an entire sea, directly affecting three nations. The Macondo blowout still spews oil today (see here and here ). The ongoing health effects still make the news, as Florida Oil Spill Law continues to publicize. Gulf Coast residents would gain by following the rules of guerrilla warfare in defense of their health and livelihoods, as well as their environment. No matter how much (or how little) monetary compensation is given, the problem won’t go away until the rigs are shut down.

The growing Dead Zone in the Gulf has long been blamed on agrochemicals. How hard is it to prevent those chemicals from reaching crop dusters? Going to the source, sabotage of genetically modified crops is a common tactic of militants protecting the biosphere. Hell, I’d be happy if militants blocked the delivery of fluoride to my city’s water plant. Even better, a group of conscious insiders could simply not add the agro-industrial waste .  Probably more important, a halt to fracking would certainly help the biosphere, including us humans.

And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fantasized about firing a missile at the jets laying chemtrails over our skies. Nature helped recently. No chemtrails were laid during Hurricane Irene. For the first time in rural Florida, I saw thousands of stars and an arm of the Milky Way. A friend in New Jersey noticed the same thing. She cried. DGR recognizes that tactics must be weighed morally and for their strategic effect. Not all effective actions require defensive violence.

Tim DeChristopher understands this. By bidding for public lands with money he did not have at the time, he was able to stop an illegal auction of mining rights to public lands being held by federal agents. Though no bureaucrat has been punished or criminally charged, DeChristopher was sentenced to two years in federal prison. (Read his court speech and letter from prison).

DGR also recognizes that most people will not commend such actions, and warns potential underground resistance fighters to expect broad condemnation for any violence done in defense of the planet. But DGR has little patience for such collaborators – the first half of the book is a harsh criticism of the Left, coupled with a dismissive posture toward the Right.

This is the book’s only weakness. The writers are caught in the false Left-Right paradigm that keeps the masses divided along an archaic French dichotomy that has little to do with today’s political realities. DGR cannot recognize that anyone on the “right” cares about a healthy environment. Yet, it applauds the Vermont secession movement and the local food sovereignty movement, both of which are substantially peopled by conservatives and libertarians who believe in smaller government and who recognize that only a healthy environment will provide healthy food.

Forgiving that over-simplification, readers will gain much from the historical review of cultural resistance, and from the extended discussion of guerrilla strategy which comprises more than half the book. DGR analyzes past resistance movements, pointing out their strengths and shortcomings. Several charts emphasize their points.

“The task of the activist is not to navigate systems of oppressive power with as much personal integrity as possible; it is to dismantle those systems,” writes Keith.

We’re not going to vote, chant, protest, lobby or pray our way out of global catastrophe from eco-collapse. The global industrial system must collapse, instead. DGR admits that most environmentalists lack even a rudimentary understanding of arms and military tactics. Training will be required.

As part of their grand strategy, DGR recognizes the need for aboveground parallel institutions to support the work of frontline militants and to provide for communities as civilization collapses. This work is already ongoing. Transition towns, local money, sustainable localized foodsheds, parallel voting systems and much more have already begun.

Alliances will need to be forged between militants and aboveground activists, but given today’s panoptic police state, a strict security culture must be in place, they caution. Again, training will be required.

There is so much more to this book – and all of it important, including the discussion of white privilege and patriarchy. Both are part and parcel of industrial civilization. Even if you’re not about to don the robe of anarchy, the book should at least convince you to support the work of those who do.

Meanwhile, several dozen species went extinct today. In a world ruled by psychopaths who are systematically destroying the planet and who use violence to suppress resistance, the futility of nonviolence becomes apparent. Power does not relinquish anything without a fight.

It is up to us to effectively stop them. Deep Green Resistance shows how.

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Warming Oceanic Temperatures cause Largest Movement of Marine Species in Two Million Years

The overall rise in ocean temperature has led to the largest movement of marine species in two to three million years, according to scientists. The rise in oceanic temperatures during the most recent summers has melted enough ice that it has created a passage from the Pacific Ocean to the North Atlantic, allowing plankton, fish, and whales into unfamiliar territory.

The discovery has sparked fears delicate marine food webs could be unbalanced and lead to some species becoming extinct as competition for food between the native species and the invaders stretches resources.

The scientists, who have been collaborating on the Climate Change and European Marine Ecosystems Research project, found the plankton species, called Neodenticula seminae, traveled into the Atlantic through a passage through the Arctic sea ice around that has opened up a number of times in the last decade from the Pacific Ocean. Larger species including the grey whale have also migrated through the newly formed passage.

Professor Chris Reid, from the Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science at the Plymouth Marine Laboratory, said: “It seems for the first time in probably thousands of years a huge area of sea water opened up between Alaska and the west of Greenland, allowing a huge transfer of water and species between the two oceans.

“The implications are huge. The last time there was an incursion of species from the Pacific into the Atlantic was around two to three million years ago. “Large numbers of species were introduced from the Pacific and made large numbers of local Atlantic species extinct.”

  Faculty Evaluator:  Peter Phillips, Sonoma State University

  Student Researcher: Taylor Falbisaner, Sonoma State University

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Planet X is coming

What is Planet X - Elena - Nibiru?

Celestial body, the great mass of the hydrogen atom is, which will pass between Earth and sun, and when the 26th September 2011. come into alignment position / conjunction, it is certain planetary axis shift of 90 degrees!
Stop the Earth's rotation, the days of darkness, movement of geologic plates, universal flood, mega earthquakes, hurricane winds, the firestorm ... Gone is the world we know.

  What happens?

Planet X or comet Elena, that is officially appointed, or Nibiru, as it was called The ancient Sumerians, the planet of our solar system whose existence was not publicly announced. Elongated, elliptical orbit that every 3657 years touring around our sun. On his way to the inner part of the solar system for years to many changes on Earth, which marks its passage and the possible consequences. Under the influence of heat to the entire planet, solar system, not just Earth. It seems that this is a very large body, maybe so. brown dwarf, shrouded in mist, which travels the red dirt, stones and three months (?) like a small constellation.

Planet X is a strong magnet, that when the critical position of the alignment between the sun and Earth - and, this conjunction will be joined by Mercury, Saturn and Uranus - will be his strong embrace so tightly cover the Earth to wake up all the natural forces which it sleep, and to the extent that it is not possible to imagine ...
If the speculation on the basis of which are amateurs, and professionals, people around the world connected to the Internet, have brought these conclusions (there is no confirmed information is to be expected), then give us a few weeks following the beginning of the worst possible scenario ... Extinction Level Event, the event-level destruction ...

   Key dates transit

The text of message NASA which 10.6. o.g. staff declares a state of revised springs amateur astronomers, from the Internet

AU -  stands for a measure distances in the cosmos, which is slightly less than 150 million miles, or roughly the size of the distance of Earth from the Sun


 * 27.2. conjunction - an earthquake in Chile, 8.8 degrees Richer; 6042 AU away from Earth 4.9. conjunction with the sun and earth - an earthquake in New Zealand, Christchurch, 7.2 Richer; 6258 AU from the Earth


 * 11.3. conjunction - an earthquake in Japan, 9 ° richer (even weeks-long series of strong earthquakes); 2101 AU from the Earth

  * 27.6. crosses the orbit of Mars

Since the beginning of August to the end of October 2011. Planet X, which is a huge magnet, the intensive will affect the Earth's magnetic pole, and hence on the seismic, volcanic and atmospheric activity in the country. From September to November can be seen with the naked eye.

  * 3.8. crosses the orbit of the Earth

  * 15.8. comes very close to the equator of the Sun - Solar storms begin, strong electromagnetic radiation in the sky were two suns

  * 18.8. crosses the path of Venus

In September, expected multiple solar storms for weeks - off satellites, the collapse of electronic equipment, communication, loss of electricity.

  * 11.9. point of perihelion - Planet X is the closest to the Sun, only 44.73 million miles/55.9 million km

  *  27.9. Day pass planets between the Sun and Earth - Another great conjunction, the closest alignment with the earth and the sun and Mercury, Saturn and Uranus! distance only 0381 AU from Earth - is expected to capture the gravity of Planet X Earth and vigorously shake it - moving the Earth's axis

This is the most dangerous day when you can expect to break the magnetic poles of the Earth - moving geological plates, ice and the sinking of the soil, long-term mega-earthquakes of 15 Richter, ultra strong solar electromagnetic radiation, massive volcanic activity, hurricane winds, fire storms, tsunamis several hundred meters around the world deep into the mainland and the high in the mountains, general flood ...

  * 3.10. conjunction of Mercury, the Sun, Planet X - Earth

  * 17.10. Planet X is the closest to Earth - distance 0232 AU  or 21 million miles / 35 million km - the culmination of seismic and volcanic activity, but the earth's plates float ...

  * 5.11. Planet X is a 0348 AU away from Earth - is entering the next conjunction, a country in the field, its tail from which the dust and debris caught in the earth - for this period NASA uses the term''Great Time''(but not announced a state of emergency and release! )

  * 14.11. Other times exceeds the orbit of Mars, and moves toward the third conjunct

  * 23.11. Sun - Earth - Planet X - distance from Earth 0596 AU, a partial solar eclipse, a dangerous alignment similar to 15.3. Japan 9 ° richer, but now the situation after moving the axis of the planet -''date of clearance of whatever it was, and whoever survived''(NASA)

  * 4.12. is a conjunction - the second pass, the Sun - Mercury - Earth - Planet X


  21.12.2012. at distances from 5.20 AU last conjunction of the Sun - Earth - Elena before they move in the direction of deep space


   Note: All information on this page are the result of amateur knowledge and compilation of articles and insights into the various private and official web sites mainly in English, not confirmed by the relevant recognized and relevant sources, and are therefore unofficial and are used solely at your own risk.
The authors distance themselves from any liability due to possible negligent and / or improper use of information from this web site or any other illegal action in this regard.
The site was created with good intentions that - in the case is here exactly or nearly exactly - there is a source of information in Croatian.

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Weakening of Earth's magnetic field and solar cycles, Part 2

The sun is a huge electromagnetic transmitter that is flooding the planet of the solar system by heat, light, UV radiation and electrically charged particles. The Sun itself has a magnetic field and magnetic field creates an "egg" around the solar system known as heliosphere. Heliosphere is shaped like a droplet, with an elongated, narrow end pointing in the opposite direction in which we move.

Any change that occurs in or on the Sun will eventually affect every living person. Solar activity during this last sunspot cycle was the solar is greater than anything previously seen, spinal studies, written by Dr. Mike
Lockvvood and colleagues at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Chilton, UK, 1999. investigate the solar activity over the last 100 years. They reported that since 1901. total solar magnetic field has become stronger by 230 percent. Scientists do not understand what it means for us.

Some of the sunspot activity in this last cycle was stronger than anything ever recorded. But researchers say do not understand what it means for us. Apparently, the sun ie earth's driving force, said Richard Fisher Director of helio physics at NASA. To mitigate possible threats to public safety, it is crucial to better understand the extreme space weather events caused by solar activity.

   Solar cycle 24

According to NASA, the Sun begins another 11-year cycle of activity. The sun reverses its magnetic poles every a year. Given that the Sun is responsible for some adverse climate changes on Earth the next decade could bring more trouble for our planet. The years ahead could be tumultuous. Jimmy Raeder explained:

"We enter the 24th solar cycle 1z reasons not fully understood, CME and the even-numbered solar cycles (such as 24) are usually hit Earth with a leading edge that is magnetized north. CMF This should open a crack and fill the magnetosphere with plasma just before the storm. This is a perfect sequence for a really great event. "

Every 10-11 years the number of sunspots is our closest star rise from zero (as it was in 2008.) To a maximum of over four hundred. While the sunspots affect the Earth, solar flares and other disturbances that are spreading around our sun during increased sunspot activity lead to an increase in the number of particles (electrons and protons) and harmful light radiation (ultraviolet and X-rays), known as solar wind. Yes No
Earth's protective magnetic field and atmosphere, this bombardment of particles would completely burn us. Sunspot Cycle 24, which is expected to peak somewhere in the 2012th, it could be one of the strongest in the last few centuries.

It will be 30-50 percent stronger than last and will start with a delay of a full year, the revolutionary foresight that uses a computer model of solar dynamics developed by scientists who are from the U.S. National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). Accurate prediction of solar cycles years in advance will help the company to prepare for active gust of solar storms, which can slow satellite orbits, disrupt communications and bring down power systems. Scientists have confidence in the forecasts because of a series of tests recently developed model simulated the strength of the last eight cycles with an accuracy of over 98 percent. Forecasts are generated in part by monitoring the movement of debris below the surface of sunspots from the previous two solar cycles.

    Solar cycle 25

"The great conveyor belt" is a huge circulating current of fire (hot plasma) within the Sun. There are two branches, north and south, and each takes about 10 years to pass a full circle. The researchers believe that turning the conveyor belt controls the sunspot cycle and therefore it is important to slow down.

Usually, the conveyor belt moving at a speed of about one meter per second speed walk, NASA said in Solana physicist David Hathaway. "That was the end of the 19th century, "In recent years, however, the belt has decelerated to 0.75 m / s in the north of 0.35 m / s in the south. "We have never seen so low, said Hathaway."

According to the theory and observation, the speed of the belt says it will be the intensity of sunspot activity about 20 years in the future. Slow belt means lower solar activity; fast belt means stronger activity.

"The slowdown that we see now means that Solar Cycle 25, which will be the culmination of about 2022nd year could be one of the weakest in the last century, said Hathaway.

   The solar activity on the Earth

The first instrument for measuring the activity of solar flares have occurred 440 years ago. They showed that the closest star to our Earth is not only the honor of eclipses. Sunspots, solar flares and other phenomena affect everything on earth, from weather events to human behavior. These phenomena are known collectively as the solar activity. This activity, which is expressed by a gust of solar radiation, magnetic storms and fiery flashes, the intensity can vary from very weak to very strong. The greatest threat to civilization are the storms.

On 28 August 1859th polar light shone and sparkled over the entire American continent, when darkness fell. Many people thought that their city is in flames. The hands on the instruments that were used for recording Uh magnetic fluctuations around the world came out of the scale. Telegraph system broke down, hit by strong surges. It was perhaps the worst solar storms in the past, 200 years ago. Its effects on humans were small because civilization had not yet been entered into high-technology development phase. But with the advent of modern electricity grids and satellites is much more in danger.

That something similar happened in our era of space nuclear destruction would be catastrophic. According to scientific data, a storm of this size occur about once in five centuries. But half of low-intensity events occur every 50 years. The last recorded 13th November 1960 .. Disrupted the Earth's magnetic field, disrupting the work stations.

Today is our dependence on radio-electronic devices so huge that increased solar activity could be disabled for life support systems around the world, and not just on the surface. Bad space weather can cause disturbances in any orbital system, light solar storm can ruin navigation systems controlled from space. NASA is now ringing the alarm because the North American continent near the northern magnetic pole, and is most sensitive to solar activity, spinal studies corporation "Metatech" revealed that the attack similar to the one from 1859. disable the entire power grid in North America. Even the relatively weak magnetic storm of 1989. encourage solar activity caused the accident in a Canadian hydroelectric power plant that is six million people in the United States and Canada for nine hours left without electricity.

Study of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, also spoke about the troubling features of the Earth in the worst case scenario of solar storms. Modern power grids are so interconnected that the large space storms -  type such as expected to occur once in a century could trigger a cascade of crashes that could be expanded throughout the United States, left without electricity for 130 million people or more only in that country, the conclusion a new report. Such widespread power cuts although, as expected, a rare ability to hit other vital systems.

"The impact would be felt on the interdependent infrastructures, for example, drinking water supply would be affected for several hours, quickly perishable foods and medicines for about 12-24 hours. and the current or subsequent loss of heating / air conditioning, garbage disposal, telephone service, transportation, fuel supply and clock on, "the report reads.

To fix the system could be taken months, the bank could be close, and trade with other countries could be interrupted.

"Emergency services would be overloaded, and command and control could be lost," say researchers led by Daniel Baker, director of the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, University of Colorado at Boulder.

   Sun's cycles and human behavior

Could cycles of war and peace could be associated with the solar cycle?

Some researchers claim that geomagnetic storms affect brain waves and hormone levels, causing many different reactions, mainly in men. Although some women may also feel the changes during these storms, it seems that they are generally less affected by the behavior of the Sun. Reacting to changing hormone levels, some men may become increasingly irritable and aggressive, while others may instead become more creative.

It was found that an increase in solar activity increase psychotic episodes in people who already suffer from unstable psychological states. Although we may associate such behavior with a full moon, Dr. Robert Becker and his colleague Dr. Howard Friedman 1963rd demonstrated that changes in the sun and water to a noticeable increase in psychotic activity. Yet, these reactions do not occur only in a few particularly sensitive or unlucky individuals.

Evidence suggesting that the wars and international conflicts often break out when sunspots are rapidly forming or rapidly decaying, because in these conditions occur more intense geomagnetic storms. In addition. to an increase in solar activity are correlated with periods when the increased number of accidents and diseases, as well as crimes and murders. The entire biosphere is affected by this electromagnetic pollution, and it seems that human behavior responds accordingly. Not cause any geomagnetic storm disturbances. But over time, extremes of solar activity can also affect the period of earthly conflict. Data on cycles of war and peace extend to at least 2,500 years old.

Another 1915th some scientists have begun to recognize the connection between solar activity and human behavior. This work began with Russian scientist Alevander Chizhevsky who observed a correlation between mass changes in human behavior and the cycle of sunspots.

The thirties of last century, Professor Raymond Wheeler, a historian at the University n Kansas, took this observation one step further. His research numerically ranked severity of individual battles correlating to solar cycles. The information obtained by statistically analyzing Edward Dewey, who confirmed the existence of these cycles of wars. However, he was unable to establish a clear link with the cycle of sunspots, because at that time was insufficient data.
 The 1980s, with a detailed analysis Wheeler's data, is the connection became clear.

After a more detailed study of the data seems to begin to discover the pattern by which IE most likely to start a war in the key points of the sunspot cycle. These are periods when geomagnetic activity is changing the fastest in the rapid increase in solar activity, or in a downward cycle, when sunspots are rapidly diminishing. In addition, we can see how it negatively affects the psychological mechanisms such as brain rhythms and hormone levels. In other words, wars could be a kind of mass psychosis. When you see the connection with physical mechanisms (such as IE electromagnetic pollution), it gives us some predictions about when it is likely that they could begin intensified aggression. Calculations show that we are facing another increase of intense solar activity in less than two years, roughly around 22 September 2010. NASA predicts that the activity reached a peak in 2012. year.

   Changes in the Solar System

Five planets atmosphere and Earth's moon change. In the upper layers of Earth's atmosphere creates HO gas that did not exist in amounts that exists today. Scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences say that it is not associated with global warming, CFCs or fluorocarbon emissions. They argue that the atmosphere of Jupiter, Uranus and Neptun also changing.

The Martian atmosphere becomes much thicker. In 1997. probe "Mars Observer" has lost one of its mirrors, which caused her fall. This happened because the atmosphere was about twice as much too dense, but NASA was calculated. Brightness and magnetic fields of planets are also changing. Venus shows a significant increase in its overall brightness, Jupiter's energetic charge has risen so high that there is now a visible tube of ionizing radiation, which is formed between the surface of Jupiter and its moon "Io." At the recently captured images can be seen a great power tube. Uranus and Neptune also are becoming brighter. The magnetic field of Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune are changing.

Jupiter's magnetic field has more than doubled, and Neptune's magnetic field is stronger. The Russians say that all three of these planets become radiant, and their atmospheric qualities are changing, but do not explain what that means. The Russians also report that looks at how Uranus and Neptune has recently been a reversal of the poles. When the space probe "Voyager II" flew by Uranus and Neptune, it seemed that the north and south magnetic poles substantially deviated from the spot where the earlier recordings was a half rotation. In one case, it is 50 degrees, and in another case, the difference was 10-odd degrees.

This new information on changes in the solar system comes at an interesting time for our planet. It is possible that for some time the celestial events play a role in shaping our lives on this planet, and that these changes that we see now in our sun, solar system and Earth's magnetic field could be just what transforms our world as we know it into something new . Only time will tell, but it seems that the future is already knocking at the door.


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Weakening of Earth's magnetic field and solar cycles

New solar cycle 24, in combination with the weakening MAGNETIC FIELD ENVIRONMENT, can have severe consequences for the country in terms CLIMATE, power networks and human behavior.

 If you thought that only which is why we should be concerned about include wars, famine and economic breakdowns think again. Emerging science suggests that the next cycle of solar flares could be strong enough to disrupt the entire electrical grid of the planet. This article documents! I number of changes that occur in connection with the Earth magnetic field term. Sun and solar system and clarify some of the concerns expressed by today's leading scientists. I analyze how it could hit the human race on an energetic level.

   Planet's magnetic field

Magnetosphere is a bubble of magnetism that surrounds Earth and protects us from solar wind. Fortunately, the planet's magnetic field rejects most of the particles in a circular orbit around the Earth. Like the weather patterns on Earth, the solar or wind patterns can change rapidly. It is fortunate that our planet's magnetosphere reacts to the threat and absorbs shock. without wavering, and leaping. Geophysicists call this reaction geomagnetic storm, but because of the way that distorts Earth's magnetic field also has to be called electromagnetic pollution. In these circumstances we see the polar light in our night sky.

But strange things are happening in the atmosphere and in space. Earth's magnetic field has been weakening. This decrease actually began 2,000 years ago, but the rate of decrease rapidly grew 300 years ago. However, in the last twenty years, the magnetic field has become erratic.

Aeronautical maps of the world, which is used to enable the aircraft has landed using automatic control systems had to be revised in the whole world to autopilot systems to work.

Now, NASA's five spacecraft from the mission THEMIS discovered a crack in the Earth's magnetic field that is 10 times larger than anything previously thought to exist When this happens, the solar wind can penetrate through the opening to "recharge" the magnetosphere, causing a strong geomagnetic storm. Exploring the mystery is a key goal of the THEMIS mission, launched in February 2007. The big discovery occurred on 3 June 2007. When the five probes serendipitously flew through the cracks just at the moment it opened. Onboard sensors recorded a torrent of solar wind particles streaming into the magnetosphere, signaling the event of unexpected size and importance.

But the breach itself is not the biggest surprise. Researchers are even more amazed and baffled at the unexpected way in which it occurs, overturning the accepted notions of space physics.

"At first I did believe it," said David Sibeck, THEMIS project scientist at the Center Goddard Space Flight Center. This finding fundamentally changes our understanding of the interaction of the solar wind and magnetosphere. The opening was a huge four times wider than Earth itself, said Li Wenhui, a space physicist from the University of New Hampshire, who analyzed the data. A hunting Li's colleague Jimmy Raeder, also of the University of New Hampshire. He said the 27-l particles per second were flowing into the magnetosphere - that's 1 followed by 27 zeros. This influx is an order of magnitude greater than what we thought was possible. Space physicists have long believed that the holes in the Earth's magnetosphere open only in response to solar magnetic fields that are oriented toward the south. However, a large hole in June 2oo7. opened in response to the solar magnetic field, which was directed towards the north. To the layperson it may seem like a quibble, but to a space physicist, it is almost like an earthquake.

   Unexpected pad shield  

 In conjunction with changes in our magnetic field today in the scientific community believes that the solar wind pushes the Earth's magnetosphere almost directly above the equator, where the planet's magnetic field points north. Scientists had previously believed that if a large amount of solar magnetism is also directed towards the north, the two fields should reinforce one another, strengthening the defense of the Earth's magnetic closing door and the solar wind. Language of space physics, solar magnetic field points north is called the "northern IMF" (interplanetary magnetic field) and is synonymous with "shields".

The big surprise is that when a northern IMF shields off. It has completely overturned the understanding of many scientists. While researchers have investigated the gap in the magnetic field, they discovered that 20 times the solar wind enter the Earth's protective shield when the magnetic field was aligned.

Events with Northern IMF does not trigger geomagnetic storms, said Raeder, but creates conditions for the storm filling the magnetosphere with plasma.

Loaded magnetosphere is ready for the auroras, power outages and other disruptions that may occur when a CME (coronal mass ejection). This means that the impact of solar flares is 20 times stronger when the magnetic fields are aligned. The magnetic field of the earth and the sun will be aligned at the peak of Solar Cycle 24 which is expected in 2012. This will cause the flow of solar particles. What the researchers did not discuss the impact ua human bioelectric system.

    Eart's magnetic field change

At the Earth's climate significantly affects the planet's magnetic field, according to the Danish study, published in January 2009. that could challenge the notion that human emissions responsible for global warming. Our results show a strong correlation between the strength of Earth's magnetic field and the amount of precipitation in the tropics, said one of the two Danish geophysicists involved in the study,

Faurschou Mads Knudsen from the Department of Geology University of Denmark Varhus newspaper Videnskab.

Results of the study (which was also published in the American scientific journal Geology) speak in favor of a controversial theory that a decade ago published Danish astrophysicist Henrik Svensmark. He claimed that the climate has a strong influence particles of galactic cosmic radiation (GCR), which penetrate into Earth's atmosphere.

    TORQUE geomagnetic field

Bottom published  other recent studies is the view that rapid changes in the turbulent movement of the Earth's liquid outer cortex attenuate the magnetic field in some regions of the planet's surface.

What is surprising is the fact that the Earth's magnetic field occur fast, almost instantaneous changes, "said study co-author Nils Olsen, a geophysicist at the Danish National Space Center in Copenhagen.
The results suggest that similar changes occur simultaneously velocity in liquid metal, 3,000 miles beneath the surface, ie said Olsen. Fluctuations in the magnetic field have occurred in some scattered regions on Earth.
These changes, "my point to the prospect of a trade geomagnetic field", ie co-author published a study, scientists from the German Research Centre for Geosciences in Potsdam. Earth's magnetic field reversed hundreds of times over the past billion years, and for the completion of this process might be needed thousands of years. The weakening of the magnetic field also opens up more layers of Earth's atmosphere to intense charged particle radiation. scientists have said.

    Cosmic rays hitting Earth 

An international team of researchers discovered a puzzling excess of high-energy electrons that bombard the Earth from space. The source of these cosmic rays is unknown, but it must be close to the solar system and could be made up of dark matter. The results reported by Nature magazine in its issue dated 20 November 2008. It is a great discovery, said co-author ie Jolm Wefel with Louisiana State University. "This is the first time we see a separate source of accelerated cosmic rays that stands out on the wider galactic background."

To study the strongest and most interesting cosmic rays, Wefel et al spent the last eight years managing a number of balloons in the stratosphere over Antarctica. Their cosmic ray detector, which is financed by NASA revealed a significant excess of high energy electrons.

"The source of these exotic electron must be relatively close to the solar system - located not more than one kiloparsec, - said co-author Jim Adams of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center Marshall. Galactic cosmic rays are subatomic particles accelerated to near light speed distant supernova explosions and other violent events.

One in crowds rushing through the Milky Way, creating a mist of high-energy particles that enter the solar system from all directions. Cosmic rays consist mostly of protons and heavier atomic nuclei with some electrons and photons as a spice in the mix. Why the source must be close? According to Adams: "High-energy electrons rapidly lose energy as they fly through the galaxy. They impart energy to the two main ways:

(1) clash with the lower-energy photons, in a process called inverse Compton scattering, and
(2) when the radiation is losing some of its energy in a spiral motion through the galactic magnetic fields. "
High-energy electrons because they are local, but researchers can not accurately locate the source in the sky.

   Weakening of Earth's magnetic field and solar cycles - PART 2

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Super Bacteria conquer the world

Antibiotics, one of the world’s greatest medical discoveries, are slowly losing their effectiveness in fighting bacterial infections and the massive use of the drugs in food animals may be the biggest culprit. The growing threat of antibiotic resistance is largely due to the misuse and overuse of antibiotics in both people and animals, which leads to an increase in “super-bacteria”. However, people use a much smaller portion of antibiotics sold in this country compared to the amount set aside for food animals. In fact, according to new data just released by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), of the antibiotics sold in 2009 for both people and food animals almost 80% were reserved for livestock and poultry. A huge portion of those antibiotics were never intended to fight bacterial infections, rather producers most likely administered them in continuous low-dosages through feed or water to increase the speed at which their animals grew. And that has many public health experts and scientists troubled.

For years scientists concerned about the threat of antibiotic resistant bacteria in food animal production have been trying to figure out just how much antibiotics producers are using each year. The best they could do was come up with rough estimates. That is because the data was never publicly available, until now.

In accordance with a 2008 amendment to the Animal Drug User Fee Act, for the first time the  FDA released  last week an annual amount of antimicrobial drugs sold and distributed for use in food animals. The grand total for 2009 is 13.1 million kilograms or 28.8 million pounds. I found the stories  covering this revelation interesting, but they did not convey the whole picture. It is important to understand how this amount compares to the total available for people. So, I decided to find out for myself and contacted the FDA for an estimate of the volume of antibiotics sold for human use in 2009. This is what a spokesperson told me:

“Our Office of Surveillance and Epidemiology just finished an analysis based on IMS Health data. Sales data in kilograms sold for selected antibacterial drugs were obtained as a surrogate of human antibacterial drug use in the U.S. market. Approximately 3.3 million kilograms of antibacterial drugs were sold in year 2009. OSE states that all data in this analysis have been cleared for public use by IMS Health, IMS National Sales Perspectives™.”

3.3 million kilograms is a little over 7 million pounds. As far as I can determine, this is the first time the FDA has made data on estimates of human usage public. Below is a breakdown of the FDA numbers prepared by my colleague, Dr. David Love, also from the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future, which compares the estimated amounts of human usage with food animal usage.

Take a look at the data for tetracycline. More than 10 million pounds of the antibiotic were sold for the use in food animals. That’s more than all of the antibiotics combined set aside for humans in 2009. Many studies suggest the high use of tetracycline in food animals, particularly in pigs, has lead to the increased rates of bacterial resistance to the antibiotic, such as Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA.

Despite this new information, the hog industry denies the suggestion that it is overusing antibiotics. In response to the FDA’s report, the National Pork Producers Council also pointed out to Food Safety News’ Helena Bottemiller that, “ionophores … are not used in human medicine, they don’t have anything to do with the effectiveness of antibiotics in people.” That statement is inaccurate. All uses of antibiotics have the potential to decrease the effectiveness of antibiotics in people. Ionophores are no exception. While several industry funded studies determined that ionophore use in animals is “not likely” to transfer resistance from animals to people, researchers couldn’t come to a definitive conclusion because ionophores can lead to bacterial resistance to the antibiotic bacitracin, which is commonly used to treat skin and eye infections.

Every time an antibiotic is used there is a risk of adding to the growing pool of antibiotic resistance. LivableFutureBlog readers might recall an October blog post in which Dr. Ellen Silbergeld, professor of environmental health sciences at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, warned that, “Bacteria respond to chemical structures, not brand names, and resistance to one member of a pharmaceutical class results in cross resistance to all other members of the same class.” Silbergeld says when bacteria develop resistance to one member of that class of antibiotics it can be resistant to all.

So, what is the government doing to ensure we don’t squander the effectiveness of antibiotics for human use on the production of food animals? Since President Barack Obama took office, the FDA says it has taken several steps. Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, Principal Deputy Commissioner of the FDA, took a stand last year by stating that the Administration, “supports ending the use of antibiotics for growth and feed efficiency” in food animals. However, instead of requiring industry take action, the FDA released a draft-guidance last June that essentially asks industry to voluntarily end the use of antibiotics as growth promoters in food animals and include veterinary oversight or consultation on all antibiotic use.

Lawmakers such as Congresswoman Louise Slaughter and Senator Barbara Boxer have been introducing versions of the Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act  (PAMTA) for more than a decade that would mandate antibiotic use changes in food animals. Earlier this year it looked like the bill had a good chance of passing, but the bill failed to make it to the floor of the House or Senate. While not perfect, PAMTA would ban the use of medically important antibiotics as growth promoters. Passage of PAMTA would be an important step in saving the potency of antibiotics for human use. However, the current version of the bill could be stronger if it followed more closely the recommendations from the Pew Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production final report, which calls for a ban on the non-therapeutic use of all antibiotics, not just those considered medically important, in food animals.

Now that we officially know that food animals use an overwhelming majority of our antibiotics, I hope it is more clear to everyone that legislation limiting the overuse and misuse of antibiotics in livestock and poultry must be passed. The next battle, which industry has already begun, is defining what non-therapeutic use will constitute. Producers are already claiming that the use of antibiotics for growth promotion has decreased, maintaining current low-dose usage is aimed at disease prevention. Regardless, all low-dose usage of antibiotics can lead to a significant increase in antibiotic resistance. As Dr. Alexander Fleming, the discoverer of penicillin warned, “It is not difficult to make microbes resistant to penicillin in the laboratory by exposing them to concentrations not sufficient to kill them, and the same thing has occasionally happened in the body.”

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Major changes in the entire solar system

NASA in complete secrecy for a long time watching a very interesting, amazing phenomenon, the phenomenon for which we ordinary mortals do not laugh, and we need to know anything. Phenomenon is called "Galactic Wave". An ordinary person knows little about this phenomenon, although it will greatly affect just in every living creature that is on this planet. NASA believes that it is not wise to talk about this phenomenon, in order not to spread panic, because the ordinary man can not seem to stop this "Galactic Wave", and therefore better not to know about it. Also that ordinary people know about this phenomenon, there would no longer be able to be puppets in which individuals build their business empires. No more ordinary folk as looked at their differences, but he turned in a different direction. Because the galactic wave best not to mention it would have been able to destroy many of the world powers, also would like a house of cards collapsed many human customs, traditions, who would become meaningless. If you dear reader think that this is just loads of crap, read the text to the end, I think you would be able to impress. So this is quite an introduction, from now until the end of this post brings evidence that will reveal the concept of "galactic wave".

Galactic wave travels from the center of our galaxy and is slowly expanding as you throw a stone into water from a central place throws, water waves spread around. By a similar principle work and galactic waves. Wave moving from the center of the galaxy, according to some calculations, the wave of mega solar systems to come every 62 million years ago. Proof that something is coming continuously from the center of galaxies gave us Dr. Rosine Lallement. Her study deals with the so-called "space cloud" that travel through space among the stellar also these same "space cloud" pass through our solar system. Najm al Lallement found that just these "clouds" coming from the exact center of our galaxy. This is certainly evidence that soaring energy comes precisely from the center of our galaxy. The waves of energy traveling from the center of our galaxy, and slowly toward the outskirts. What does this mean for us humans? It's hard to say, we could speculate but turn to something much more important. Look at the facts that prove to be something big stores with our solar system.

Take a trip to our solar system and see what happens on the planet:

We start on Mercury, NASA's Messenger probe has recorded a stunning photographs, which reveal that Mercury raging violent magnetic storms, a large number of magnetic tornado incredible power. Most interesting of all, a statement which said that these storms extremely intensified in the last two years. James Slavin of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, said: "We did not expect such strong storms. With the tremendous confidence we can say that the Mercury global warming took hold. This proves to be something going on Mercury, the planet started to change dramatically.

 The second planet in our solar system Venus: in the last thirty years, Venus' brightness is increased by a whopping 2500%. So Venus is 2500% brighter, changing the atmosphere of Venus, the planet produces much more energy, warmer than it was thirty years ago. As the warmer means experiencing global warming. Unbelievable!

The fourth planet SS Mars: In the last thirty years there have been clouds on Mars, not great, but before it never happened. Rising temperatures on Mars, began to melt ice on the poles of the planet, it is nothing but a global warming of Mars.

At Jupiter disappear its characteristic egg-shaped white spots. Great expert in this field Dr. Phillip Marcus says it is because of global warming 18 degrees of Jupiter. Also appearing huge storm on Jupiter, much stronger than they ever were before. Jupiter's moons Io over the last thirty years to 1000% more shine. Moon Europa also recorded a large increase in its brightness. NASA was quite surprised at the change moon Europa.

Saturn ring becomes thicker. On Saturn's poles appear strange auroras, which had never been on pole. Said Dr. JT Trauger one of the top experts from NASA. He also noted the global warming of the planet and increase the heat, especially around Saturn's equator.

Uranium 1986th vol. a dull, featureless planet. Today on the planet, mega-huge storms that are clearly visible Hubble telescope, and as orange spots. But that's not all the planets around the south pole appears something like whiteish ring.

Neptune is almost the same story as well as Uranus. The planet is much more brilliant, some strange white rings appear at the poles, which had never been on Uranus and Neptune. All this clearly indicates a major change of these two planets.

Also, Pluto, although it was relegated to the level of dwarf planet is experiencing tremendous changes, but I published a post earlier that says Pluto changes color. Photos, released by NASA show that Pluto is much redder than it was last several decades. Layman Pluto looks yellow-orange, but astronomers say that 20% redder than it was before.

Let's finish this trip on our Earth. On a planet of great changes are happening that are clearly visible. Global warming is also present as well as all the planets of the solar system. Melting the ice at the poles, sea level is dramatically increased. Strongly increased seismic activity on the planet, volcanic activity increases, the temperature is raised. Mega storms, hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, all this has dramatically increased. Heats up the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. This clearly indicates warming core of Earth.

So this is evidence that the solar system, dramatic changes occur. Consider what it might mean for people on this planet. Because it is difficult to believe that these interplanetary changes have an impact only on increasing the brightness of planets, the planets, the temperature increase or change in magnetic properties of the planet. I think that these changes have a major impact on all living beings on this planet, here is the first evidence of my claims. The increase in the planet's temperature will definitely speed up the vibrations of molecules (all molecules vibrate, heat speeds up the process). To prove that this is already happening, and that the increase in temperature has an effect on people. In the last 100 years, has proven conclusively that the planet's temperature rises. Parallel with this fact, in the last 100 years of human development is a huge swing. People are in the last hundred years more advanced than ever before. Coincidence or cold, hard facts? Think about the answer to this question ...

So we have evidence that the whole solar system is undergoing dramatic changes, in my opinion we have evidence that these changes are already greatly affect our human population, but let's get back to that which we discussed earlier. Galactic wave no longer looks like an imaginary phenomenon, on the contrary gets look very realistic appearance, the appearance of which we know very little.

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2012 and the Maya

According to ancient Mayan cosmology, today we live in a time of rare galactic alignment, when our solar system is aligned with the center of our galaxy, the galactic center. Our time during the transformation of the Mayan calendar ends 21st December 2012.

Jenkins, an internationally recognized expert in ancient astronomy and the Mayan calendar, recently spoke about his work and life. "I've dedicated to reconstructing lost cosmology, " says Jenkins, "the resolution of complicated or massive, global paradigms, now forgotten." stresses gives his work both clarification and glorification of Ancient traditions, or "eternal philosophy - concepts relating to universal truths contained in the heart of the world's great religions and philosophies, and survived.
'I believe that the human species could develop reformulation ancient spiritual tradition, which is buried beneath the materialism of the modern world, "he says. It was Jenkins keen and patient research, and penetrated to the rich tradition of ground beneath the materialism of our time, and discovered an ancient hidden "treasure", ie, galactic alignment to not just the core of the Mayan calendar, but in the very center of Vedic cosmology and the various traditions of the Old World , including Mithraism, sacred architecture, and Greek world geography. Details of their progressive reconstruction is  in two books:

~ "Cosmogenesis Maya 2012 : The True Meaning of the Maya Calendar End Date"
~ "Galactic Alignment: The Transformation of Consciousness According to Mayan, Egyptian, and Vedic Traditions"

In the mid-1990s, during the last survey date 2012th the Mayan calendar, Jenkins has deciphered what he called "galactic cosmology" Maya. He realized that the Maya understood the cycle of twenty-six thousand years, known as the precession of the equinoxes, the Earth's changing orientation towards galactic center. The ancient Maya insight into the stellar progress inevitably led to the realization that one will be in the distant future, during the December solstice, the sun aligned with the center of the Milky Way, which can be seen as a "nuclear tapped" between the star of Sagittarius and Scorpio. Maya galactic center jobs as the womb "Great Mother" who is constantly renewed, and the settlement set the last date on your calendar.

Jenkins has skilfully combined the archaeo-astronomical discoveries, painting and ethnography, merging them into a highly coherent synthesis. This allowed him to revive fragmented world view which is called "multidimensional." I'm not interested by the new invention system, but a revival of old, such that due to its advanced galactic focus them in a way that modern science can barely comprehend. Using myths, symbols, texts and voices Ancient tradition, Jenkins says that the ancient tradition of the nature of galactic and galactic center is its point of departure orientation and the transcendental source of wisdom that is contained, and it is now ready to give a dramatic come out on the stage of human history such as ... lost Atlantean dimension of human souls. "
Since the astronomical map shown in recent works by Jenkins significantly interfere with the alignment and surveying of many holy sites, esoteric hermetic claim "as above, so below" has been uncovered facts. This is especially true for Izapa in Chiapas, Mexico.

It is a place that gives us the calendar 2012th, "says Jenkins. 'This is a monumental sculpture encrypted Maya wisdom about what we mean alignment for 2012!,' Three groups of ceremonial monuments in Izapa contain "legacy" of our time, in terms of understanding galactic cosmology of the ancient Maya. Jenkins group of statues in Izapa interpreted as' the very beginning of these findings, there is a lot for helping us to understand what we, today, destined to experience. An encrypted message is testimony to the brilliance of the ancient sky watchers from Izapa. "


Mystics tilting Jenkins is not too evident in his recent books, which are academically rigorous and well documented, without denying the profound spiritual truths. In his opinion, 'the intellect is not against spirituality. At the beginning of my research, when the switch from my writing poetry and composing songs on publications and research, I felt very important to give clear and concise in their discoveries, mainly because it seems that the spiritual materialism in publishing dilutes the pristine purity of the universal truths which comes into contact. Metaphors drawn from the secular modern culture and new terms, they minted for the eternal truth ... going to distort the ancient wisdom. So I decided to put your rational intellect in the service of a higher intellect and heart. The heart is actually larger than the brain. With this approach, Jenkins work serves as an example of the ability to set away from astronomy, and the deeper reaches metaphysics of spiritual transformation that awaits us on the path to galactic door.
Galactic door, and their meaning for our time, the focus of attention of the book "Galactic Alignment".
As we approach the 2012th year and the last date in the Mayan calendar, it is clear that knowledge of the completion of the current era, presented in many texts of the world's sages, merge and Jenkins interprets them in his latest book. According to his discovery, the last of four Hindu time cycles, called yuga, ended in accordance with the last date of Maya, as well as the Age of Pisces.

 Year 2012. astronomical defined time when the sun for the winter solstice aligned with the center of the Milky Way. Jenkins gives an overview of the galactic philosopher Oliver Reiser, to offer a scientific interpretation of how to align our solar system and galactic plane, and what might be the consequences for life and consciousness on Earth.

 The inevitable question is: Does the same change in our relationship to the broader universe?. Jenkins expectation that issue is fully developed in the book, Galactic Alignment, but insists and gives the following answer to this question: What is happening now was the focus of many, many old systems and ancient philosophy, in practically all world traditions. If our own civilization, including our scientific and religious leaders, sees no real meaning in that event, then you stand alone, separate from the world of traditions that have seen it.

Professor Jocelyn Godwin from Colgate University and the author of papers on esoteric topics, considered a valuable research cycle of twenty-six thousand years (which is the galactic alignment "final" event) in the sense that it reveals its true meaning. He said: 'John Major Jenkins is the most learned of the global voice of the ever increasing chorus theorists "galactic center". Implanting the subject in the context of ancient traditions, raises a new level of seriousness and conviction.
Jenkins emphasizes that his work does not advocate a new "system" or "model", already offers a reconstruction of the lost knowledge. He notes that, in retrospect, it seems that his efforts led to initial inspiration gained vision after the goddess of the Earth. Feels give "someone pulling the strings behind the scenes" to contribute to the clarity of his work, which actually refers to the re-birth of the world. He said that his amount of misunderstanding and false information in the world seems "incredibly sad" and that, more than anything, he wants his work to be inspirational, to help people in acquiring a deeper understanding of the ancient teaching of human transformation.


In many of the world's great cultures of ancient times, the center of the Milky Way is experiencing as a wing of the Great Mother Goddess, the source and center of the visible light, and as the ultimate tool for our regeneration at the end of the historical "chapters". The area of the galactic center, for the Maya, was origin, ill place of birth.
Because Jenkins was an experience "rebirth", the goddess who bestows blessings, was particularly significant because it directly led the investigation that led to the disclosure of all the mythical town are connected with astronomical time 2012th , when will the sun in the bowels of the Great Mother in the center of the Milky Way reborn. Jenkins believes that it is particularly important to understand that the 2012th means the process of settlement, and that any expectations should not only focus on one particular day. Nevertheless, 2012. entered the national consciousness and can be regarded as ending a great year of precession, dying old and the birth of a new bass as well as changes in day and night, lunar months and solar years. Our trip around the great precessional zodiac wheel is the period of pregnancy humanity than twenty six thousand years, a time of birth is the 2012th As in all beginnings, new life has purpose, but there is always the possibility of an accident or disaster, if everything is not in accordance with the force and significance of "rites of maturity", known as birth. Opposition against the acceptance can lead to different results.

It is only natural that questions arise about what Jenkins sees on the horizon of the present moment between now and 2012. Jenkins carefully matches. "Maybe it's not popular to say, but the truth is, he says, the goal of 2012-is not really alone years is a shift to process-oriented. It is an open door of opportunity that occurs once in the precessional cycle to join the galactic source of life ". He points out that there are forces that have already started to act and lead us through a transformation that is unlike anything experienced in the millennia ... The fact that it makes us humble and sober us is that we are invited to create, nurture and contribute to developing something that will bloom much later after we as individuals, we die. At stake is a larger wave of life of mankind. "Lesson reminds us that Native Americans should look seven generations ahead if we are to make wise decisions, and suggests that it should be our leading maxim.

As for the 2012th the, Galactic Alignment points on the compass of time, which is not only an event with cause and effect, but elevated the process of spiritual transformation (which can be intense and demanding). If 2012th years means something definite, it is more likely a matter of time reunion of traditional Maya, whose calendar for 2012. year predicted the end of World Age inherent truth deep in their mythology of creation. Great minds of Central America that are associated mythology, political organization, religion and astronomy in one unit, they certainly like to understand the modern Maya and re-take the size of the achievements of his people in the past. Jenkins in Galactic Alignment book explores the extent to which the galactic alignment, the central doctrine of global traditions. He finds it in Mithraism, Vedic astronomy, the Yuga doctrine, Islamic astrology, sacred geography of Europe, Christian religious architecture of the Middle Ages and the various hermetic traditions. "For me, it means that the knowledge of Maya galactic alignment 2012th is contained even in the core of Western spirituality, and traditions that can unite on the surface seem quite different.

One wonders how Jenkins perceives the essence of their work, and what is next for him. Really? My constant contact with Sofia, superior wisdom. My work with the symbolism of the tree of life led me in this research field. The prototype of the Great Mother of renewal and wisdom he has been a motif that appears in almost all my books. Even if we did not initially been intended. All in all, the essence of the work is healing, restoring and opening the small door at the end of time leading to a new world, a new cycle in the drama of human development.

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