Physicist Michio Kaku has warned the world: Come mega-earthquakes

Monday, 24 January 2011 21:49

Physicist and author of "Physics of the Impossible" Michio Kaku, warned the U.S. television show "Good Morning America" on the danger of upcoming mega-earthquake. Kaka said: "Even in our lifetime could be one of the following cities will be completely destroyed - Los Angeles, San Francisco, Mexico City, Tokyo or Tehran. "


Kaku said the changes in the structures of human civilization and pointed to a too high self-esteem creates excessive risks. Where before they were fishing villages are now "built in" mega-cities, he said. For the last disaster says: "Take an earthquake in Chile. He was so strong, arrived on the Richter scale of 8.8 degrees, so the whole world has stumbled. The country has moved to 8 cm and a day longer, but takes 24 hours to be shortened 1mikrosecond.


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Earth will 2012th have two suns

As in the movie The Odyssey 2010, the country would next year could get my second sun. One of the brightest star in our night sky is rapidly losing weight and could soon become a supernova.

Scenario in which this should happen, the Australian portal presented by Dr. Brad Carter. It is the star Betelgeuse, a red giant, who suddenly lost weight, and this is an indicator that it is actually the star collapses. It further means that it remains out of fuel and that any moment could become a supernova.

When this happens, says Carter, at least a few weeks after that, we will see more 'sun' in the sky. At the same time, it is possible that during the same period there will be no night due to the supernova and the amount of light, "says Carter. What Carter is still hard to make it all happen, is very significant that, next year, which is already provided by some as the year of 'Apocalypse' and the end of the world.

Urban legend

Explosion Betelgeusea could leave behind a neutron star, or even a black hole, at 1300 light years from Earth, writes Carter, however, warns supporters of the apocalypse, that should not be zalijetati with the predictions of fate and failure, because the Earth in case of a supernova sprayed harmless particles.
'The particles will overwhelm the earth and what is bizarre, although the supernova light up the night sky, 99 percent of the energy that it will release will be the particles that will pass through our bodies and the earth, without any adverse effect, "explained Carter. Adding to the rain and neutrinos (particles in question), could be useful for the Earth. 'Neutrinos literally produce gold, silver and all the heavy elements like uranium, "said Carter.

For thinking about the statement we asked Dr. Carter and Croatia astrophysicist Dejan Vinković. He simply replied that "such things are impossible to predict." 'Star Betelgeuse and the myth of its explosion at any moment is a kind of urban legend, "commented Vinković.

It is interesting that the book / movie 2010 predicted such a case just as the film transformed the planet Jupiter. New sun lights the sky at night, and never more on earth is not dark. New Sun was named by the light of Lucifer. In the same year we get contact with extraterrestrials. Thus ends another Odyssey Arthur C. Clarke. The third describes the encounter with Odysseus alien who are beginning to look as invisible as the "demons" so they do not want to point out to mankind ...

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There is no doubt that the authorities still experimenting on its citizens. In the Soviet Union the victims never speak out, but in a supposed free society, you would have remembered that they were victimized, people would have even sued the government.

In the period since 1949. to 1969. Undercover team formed by members of the CIA and the military played in the Americans deadly germs. Supplied with filters for the nose and other protective equipment, these hidden agents of the Great City operations are biological weapons (BW) invaded Hawaii, Alaska, New York, Florida and California. Using fake coffins and Ford-Lincoln Mercury in 1954. was equipped with dual exhaust mufflers and extended tailpipes, the agents were incurred toxic skies above New York's four highways, dropped them also in vehicles packed Lincoln and Holland tunnels.

After the attacks in Florida and New York there was an outbreak of encephalitis (brain inflammation) and cough, pertussis. Thirty years after a secret attack on San Francisco Bay performed 1950th year with a naval vessel, the victims were finally answered angry complaints against the state. For thousands of Americans who had no idea what is happening to them by government agents also injected a variety of germs such as syphilis germs.

Similar incidents have occurred in Britain and the Soviet Union. Now, when after nearly thirty years of published secret documents about the BW-in, coming out with similar backgrounds creepy whole story. The fact, that is just the tip of the iceberg, that innocent civilians victimizers of their own country, points to the enormous threat posed by today's invisible technology of warfare.

The warriors were engaged in biological weapons since the prehistoric times when shamans first began to poison enemies. Remembering to use the disease for political purposes during the Crusades and the Inquisition might have been in Hitler's mind was too fresh to dare to trigger an enormous arsenal of germs developed by Nazi scientists. However, the Japanese had no such remorse and, after the war, held trials for crimes committed by biological weapons, and on this occasion many of their convicted war criminals. These trials, more sensational or since the Nuremberg trials, attracted only slight attention to the media then. Later BW used in Korea and later Vietnam. Perhaps the most terrifying story of one of the striking out of anthrax germs from weapons in a remote secret city of Semipalatinsk in the Soviet Union. There is only a few years, thousands of people died in terrible agony. Today's development in the field of recombinant DNA threatened discharge of mutant strains of biological weapons, of which the world might never have recovered. Despite international agreements, most countries today is not the truth when it comes to BW-in. According to recently released Pentagon documents, it is possible that the Soviets in Afghanistan and use chemical and biological weapons.

News of military canisters leaking a secret nerve gas Weteye in Denver, Colorado, alarmed residents Mile High City. Will Denver be the first American Semipalatinsk? Over the last few years in Utah and Colorado led the heated discussions about how to be rid of bombs with biological poison Weteye. The U.S. government wanted to move the bombs to a remote location in Utah, according to the task of neutralizing the bombs seemed impossible. Authorities have announced that they will bomb loaded into planes and translate them from Denver to the remote places in Utah. Citizens of both countries did not want them over the heads fly over turkey bombs so loudly protested. Today, these bombs with poison Weteyes lie in a supply station close to the frequency Stapleton International Airport and slowly releasing their toxic contents while legislators of Colorado and Utah are fighting with bureaucrats in the Pentagon on the issue of life and death, and about what to do with unwanted nerve venom.


Like BW, and chemical weapons (CW) developed very long ago, and was used during WWI and WWII and the Korean and Vietnam War. Under the guise of 'herbicides' during the Vietnam War, a chemical weapon called Agent Orange poisoning thousands of American soldiers. I still feel the consequences of those soldiers, but no charge Uncle Sam (United States) who still denies the danger Agent Orange. Making fun of each signed agreement, the Soviet Union was attacked by Afghan rebels 1980th The deadly nerve gas called 'soman'. According to Colonel-General Nikolai Chernov, each of its truck division Soviets equipped for decontamination of TMS-65. Warsaw Pact troops led the Soviets regularly practiced war scenarios with the use of nerve gas by using the 'live' weapons and the deployment of hundreds of thousands of special forces units for biological and chemical warfare. U.S. has deposited three million artillery shells whose contents causes spasms of the body, then a few thousand bombs filled with Sarin and gas hundreds of thousands of anti-personnel mines. In the American arsenal of weapons with nerve toxin comprises two thirds of the 150,000 tons of poison gas. As was the case with BW, the CIA is 'test' chemical weapons on U.S. citizens, attacking BZ-om hundreds of soldiers who did nothing beyond imagination. BZ is a hallucinogenic agent a hundred times more powerful than LSD. BZ victims have not had the opportunity to appeal the adverse effects of tests, since the victims of BZ causes memory loss. Despite the resignation of intelligence experts CIA Hohn Stockwella discovered because of procedures with chemical weapons and their outrage and protest against the enormity committed by the CIA, the powerful lobby of manufacturers of chemical and biological weapons today requires us to reject any agreement that put outlawed weapons for germ warfare and nerve gas. The development of chemical weapons, coincides with the development of biological weapons and the coming of age of the new science of genetic engineering, and an even greater risk because of their invisibility, the well-known and expected nuclear holocaust.


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GLOBAL SOCIETY - The Invisible Third World War

Today secret invisible weapons "constitutes a threat to the life of the sinister even than thermonuclear holocaust. Such weapons not only to develop without the knowledge of his future victims, but did not detect the very moment it is killing civilians and makes it a robot.

Publish a synopsis of the manuscript was never completed book Bowarta W. and R. Sutton titled The Invisible Third World War in 1990. year. The invisible weapon and mind control methods on which the authors say are more relevant today than ever, and the fact that their findings come from the nineties allegations that a man asked: "If the government had already common good of the population through such means submission, which you only have today ?

Besides being one of the leaders of the culture underground and the hippie movement, one of the authors of this unfinished book, Walter Bowart, wrote 'the bible' for all students of manipulating the mind and the invisible warfare, entitled Operation Mind Control: Our Secret's Government War Against Its Own People. Shortly after its publication 1978th The book was withdrawn from sale. Here's what all this says about one of the readers with Amazon.coma:

"The book was withdrawn from circulation because the CIA, as I later learned, did not want the public about the scale and details of its program of mind control. As I recall, even the one I Walter Bowart stated that all the stored copies of his books purchased by the CIA. The book has also begun to disappear from libraries around the country, and suddenly purchased all copies from bookstores, as if they had swallowed a black hole. After the harsh purges kept very small number of copies. What is left are, so to speak, rare and expensive pieces, but this book should be read by all Americans (and others, op. Ed.) concerned about the future of our country. The book reveals how our thought processes manipulated by political intelligence 'experts', which is particularly interesting to have in mind things that are revealed about "11 September "war in Iraq and spying by the NSA (National Security Agency).

At one point, even the copies of these books cost as much as 75-100 U.S. dollars. The book (first edition) was sold for $ 250 (and today's price at Amazon was a whopping $ 200?, Op. Ed.). It appeared the second edition of different cover but it soon disappeared.

Later, Walter Bowart, allegedly began writing to a continuation of his book, but he suddenly stopped and virtually 'disappeared'. He is said to have threatened his method to his final detriment ", which is now outdated slang phrase in secret intelligence and spy circles, which means killing."

Walter Bowart died on 18 December 2007. of colon cancer in Incheliumu in Washington State. Death interrupted him at work on several screenplays and novels.

The following is a synopsis of the book was never completed.


You could say that the first atomic bomb explosion in Alamogordo, New Mexico 1944th she was quick insight about warriors of the modern world. This is a flash forever changed the nature of warfare. People who have made a bomb once they realized that a conventional war suddenly became a dangerous trigger which would at any time could trigger retaliation shot to destroy the Earth with nuclear weapons. The harsh facts of nuclear war made the civilian population to its target, which will be changed, even the limited, conventional war. Gunpowder was now become the weapon of non-nuclear states and the revolutionaries who will fight long and protracted conflicts, trying the patience of the existing nuclear powers. Just as awareness of nuclear war has changed the nature of conventional warfare, so did the inevitable and the Invisible War (IW).

The only sure way of waging war, saw warriors, was the introduction of a silent war. Just before the end of World War II began in various forms of research-IW, and modern warriors are finally had found many hidden ways submission hostile population, where it would not have been aware that the war began. Today secret invisible weapons "constitutes a threat to the life of the sinister even than thermonuclear holocaust. Such weapons not only to develop without the knowledge of his future victims, but did not detect the very moment it is killing civilians and makes it a robot.

It is only by lifting the veil of mystery and discovery of humankind with the facts of the IW-free people around the world can survive and escape a bleak, what an unbearable future of technology announces the Invisible War.

GLOBAL SOCIETY - Part 2 - here

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End of the world happens 21st May 2011.?

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Harold Camping provides: End of the world happens 21st May 2011.?

End of the world will not happen 2012th, as provided for in ancient Maya calendar, but this year, and 21st May predicts the owner of a Christian American Family Radio from California Harold Camping.

He is a mathematical calculation, studying the Bible, came to the conclusion that the day Jesus a second time to get off the ground and will be saved only selected, and the remainder will die in terrible agony.

Camping (88) is almost 70 years studying the Bible, so the exact date of the apocalypse came after careful analysis of biblical texts.

- The numbers appear in the Bible when talking about certain topics. Thus, the number 5 associated with repentance, the number 10 with integrity, a number 17 with the Paradise. Just repentance, wholeness and heaven means the biblical story of the day for payment of sin - said Kamp.

He further explained how he came to the exact date end of  the world - 21 May.

- Jesus was crucified first April 33rd year. Since then, the first April this year it's been 1978 years. When this number is multiplied by the number of days in a solar year, or 365.2422, got the result 722 449. This result add another 51, and so on between the first April and 21 May, and the result will be identical as when the number five, 10:17, multiply, and reboot the box - say Kapming.

Camping predicts that the Earth will be destroyed by natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and volcanic eruptions. In natural disasters will die all those who do not go to heaven.

According to some predictions, the end of the world should happen to 21st listopada 2012th year. Namely, that day is within the calendar of the ancient Maya. Camping apocalypse is announced for the 6th September 1994. year.
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New Ice Age Coming ?

The latest data continue to show the death of the whole system thermohaline circulation in the Atlantic Ocean. This indicates that the dispersants have led to the oil remained, however, below the sea surface, and, according to most reports, almost the entire amount of oil (80%) maintained long after the oil disaster British Petroleum began. Since that date there is no way to remove oil that flows freely on the sea bed at depths of up to one mile, it is natural that they will continue to affect any natural recovery of thermohaline circulation.

What, then, that mean? From BP Petroleum volcano, which erupted in the 20th April 2010., violently mixing the seasons, yield decline and increasing droughts and floods in various places have become everyday news. This is the volcano, said Dr. Zangarija, destroyed the system of regulating the global climate. Geologist and climatologist Dr.. Mike Coffman and climatologist Dr.. Tim Ball confirmed that these data are correct and that is no longer possible to avoid the ice age, massive climate change and hunger. We see that Russia, affected by the crisis of hunger, stop all previously agreed, the delivery of grain crops and most common food crop. Gulf Stream and associated currents are actually DEAD. This should infuriate the public and the head lead scientists to challenge and support data and analysis, because these are the consequences for human civilization, since the ecological breakdown leads to global consequences, such as hunger, death and the massive migration of population outside the affected zone of the ice age and areas not suitable for human settlement. Gather facts and invite corporations and governments to immediately address the issues or face the global cataclysm of biblical proportions. With the new scientific experts will continue reporting on this most important accident that every day more.

Flow entering a new ice age could begin suddenly at any time, zadesivši us with their full strength (just like the movie The Day After Tomorrow (The Day After Tomorrow)) or he will need three to five years to develop, and the wound glaciation could start in North America, Europe and Asia, but this winter (both models are recorded on the origins of the various ice ages in Earth history).

Current satellite data on sea surface temperatures indicate that the cooling of the pre-ice age and continues
- image ~

New to ice age, in the case of a sudden start, kill two thirds of people already in the first year, a slower start would probably kill about the same number of people, however, for it would take him a few years! Thank you, British Petroleum, and thank you, President Obama, lies, and dispersants were simply magnificent. When you now just focus all that hot air in the right places, we might be in our near future to avoid the icy hell.

Dr. Bill Deagle, American Academy of Environmental Medicine
The radio show NutriMedical Report Show on network television Genesis

Lord Stirling
news blog EUROPE

Dr. Bill Deagle is a physician for the environment with a good knowledge of oceanography and marine manager of international talk shows The NutriMedical Reports. Lord Stirling worked as a consultant for numerous high technology companies and a host of popular news websites EUROPE.

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The chain reaction of unexpected occurrence of dangerous

Doctor of Science's Institute Gianluigi Zangari Frascati is a theoretical physicist who has worked for years in a group of scientists who have followed the circular current Gulf of Mexico and its contribution to the thermohaline circulation that produces the Gulf Stream, which later moved to North Atlantic Current and its undercurrents. After that, through regular appearances on national radio show The NutriMedical Report, which aired on television network, Genesis, contacted a marine scientist, Dr. John Moore Deaglea informed about the work of Dr. Zangarija. Dr. Deagle contacted him via Skype and the team by just a few minutes talking with Dr. Zangarijem in Italy in connection with his serious analysis of data on the decomposition of circular currents, which, since May to 12 June 2010., collected six satellites. Over the next few weeks, until 28 June, numerous interviews on radio show The NutriMedical Report and updates the page / TheNutriMedicalReportShow finally proven to be Golsfka current, a decrease in ocean temperatures of 10 ° C, stopped in 47 meridians, a visibly lost and the speed and vigor, so, now, the satellite could be measured only a third of her time across the Atlantic. As remarked Dr. Zangari, this is not a "butterfly effect" rather than "elephant effect," and the amount of free oil, natural system that is millions of years, driven by global climate is now no more, because of increased sea temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico from 7 ° C the end of July was replaced by an artificial system in which the circular currents entirely separate from a Florida current, which passes into the Gulf Stream. In his report dated 12 June 2010., published in a journal article, the Center for Research in the field astrodinamike from the state of Colorado (Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research, ccar) presented data are in agreement with data obtained from the National Administration for Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA) and the data collected by the U.S. Navy satellites. This was aired live satellite map data on the servers later ccar's changed, and Dr. Zangari sent us a mail in which he said was the reason for this "fake" data and that this fact can not logically explain. He returned to study the data of NOAA's and the U.S. Navy and later on the same date and, in early August, announced that data ccar's no longer reliable and that has not changed our conclusions regarding the nature or extent of serious consequences. He concluded that the necessary consequence of this disaster glaciation (icing), which is progressing so far unknown speed.

Less than a month ago we published a story about the circular currents in the Gulf of Mexico is actually no longer exists. We quoted Dr. Gianluizija Zangarija, who first discovered the damage caused thermohaline circulation system:

"As seen from the sea surface temperature maps and relief maps of the seabed, the circular currents for the first time distinguishing about May 18 and thereby created a vortex that rotates in a clockwise direction, which is still active. To date, the The situation deteriorated to the point where the vortex is completely separated from the mainstream and thus completely destroyed the circular power ... "
"It is reasonable to predict the risk of breaking it to one (these) key warm currents, such as circular currents, could create a chain reaction of unexpected and dangerous phenomenon of instability caused by the strong unevenness that could seriously affect the dynamics of the Gulf Stream thermoregulatory effects on global climate. "- Dr. Gianluigi Zangari

Vast quantities of crude oil, which every day grows and covers an incredibly vast field, committed, rastočivši boundary layers flow of hot water, a serious impact on the entire planetary system of thermoregulation. Circular currents in the Gulf of Mexico, about a month ago, ceased to exist, and the latest satellite data show clearly that there was no electricity nor the North Atlantic, and that the Gulf stream begins to crumble about 250 miles from the island in a series of Outer Banks North Carolina. Thermohaline circulation system, in which warm sea current flowing through the much colder and much larger ocean, affecting the atmospheric layer above the current even up to a height of 7 miles. The lack of the usual effects in the eastern North Atlantic eroded this summer the ordinary course of atmospheric jet streams, causing unprecedented drought and high temperatures in Moscow (40 ° C), floods in Central Europe and high temperatures in most of Asia and massive flooding in China, Pakistan and other parts of Asia.
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North Atlantic Current does not exist anymore

The latest satellite data to determine the North Atlantic Current does not exist anymore, as it has disappeared and the Norwegian Current. These two warm ocean currents are actually part of the same system that carries several names, depending on where you are located in the Atlantic Ocean. This whole system is of crucial importance for the planetary system of heat regulation. Because of its Irish and United Kingdom are not entirely frozen, and the Scandinavian countries are not too cold for life. Can not say exactly how this system keeps the whole world from another ice age. This system thermohaline circulation in some places now dead, while in other places die.
The "river" of warm water that moves the Atlantic Ocean at various places of different names, for example, Južnoatlantska electricity, electricity Sjevernobrazilska, Caribbean currents, Yucatanska current, circular currents (Loop Current), Florida Current, Gulf Stream, North Atlantic Current and Norwegian electricity.

We can do an experiment the university level so that we will take a basin of water and spray painted it injected hot water. Doing so will be able to see the boundary layers of the jet (current). If, then, in a bowl add oil, it will limit the layers of warm water currents to break and effectively destroy its vorticity. This is exactly what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean.

Complete 'river of hot water' that flows from the Caribbean to the edges of Western Europe is dying because of oil dispersants Corexita which is to hide the extent of the disaster its oil platforms, using the British Petroleum Corporation, while the government Barack Obama approved this practice. Approximately two million gallons Corexita, plus a few other million gallons of oil dispersants, which are responsible for over two hundred million gallons of crude oil, which has for months kuljala from the source and the surrounding area, mostly sank to the bottom of the ocean. This helped to conceal the most effective oil to British Petroleum corporation could seriously reduce the established federal fines provided for such an oil disaster. However, there is currently no effective way to 'cleanse' the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, which is nearly half covered with crude oil. In addition, oil is past the east coast of America and poured it into the North Atlantic and there is no way to effectively clean up oil deposited on the ocean floor. Probably, as numerous reports and confirm that oil is still flowing in large quantities from many places on the seafloor. This means that, even if they had technology that would somehow cleaned up a thick layer of crude oil that flows freely in the ocean, it would not be enough to reduce the damage done to the system of thermohaline circulation in the Atlantic Ocean.

Dr. Deagle: Proof of this came to us in the form of images captured by the remotely operated underwater vehicle, but was told they and other experts like Matt Simmons, Boone Kwang Lim and Lindsay Williams, and my anonymous whistleblowers from an insider corporations Cameron Ironworks, Tranocean Marine and Oceaneering International. My source gave me very good information regarding the analysis of images captured by the remotely piloted vehicle, and that made engineers Corporation Oceaneering International, which was found to be protuerupcijski device (Blow out preventer) was 'altered' and hydraulics for its closure has never existed. British Petroleum Corporation knew that the oil field to contain dangerously high levels of methane and hydrogen sulfide, and the pressures that exceed any technology now known valves. Leakage continued along the fractured fault lines of source areas Macondo, where Boon Kwang Lim presented evidence that only one of three sources who touches abiotic batolitni ocean oil and gas has never been blocked or stopped, and continued to run along the ocean floor in a layer of rock injected with oil , gas and coal tar.

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