New Ice Age Coming ?

The latest data continue to show the death of the whole system thermohaline circulation in the Atlantic Ocean. This indicates that the dispersants have led to the oil remained, however, below the sea surface, and, according to most reports, almost the entire amount of oil (80%) maintained long after the oil disaster British Petroleum began. Since that date there is no way to remove oil that flows freely on the sea bed at depths of up to one mile, it is natural that they will continue to affect any natural recovery of thermohaline circulation.

What, then, that mean? From BP Petroleum volcano, which erupted in the 20th April 2010., violently mixing the seasons, yield decline and increasing droughts and floods in various places have become everyday news. This is the volcano, said Dr. Zangarija, destroyed the system of regulating the global climate. Geologist and climatologist Dr.. Mike Coffman and climatologist Dr.. Tim Ball confirmed that these data are correct and that is no longer possible to avoid the ice age, massive climate change and hunger. We see that Russia, affected by the crisis of hunger, stop all previously agreed, the delivery of grain crops and most common food crop. Gulf Stream and associated currents are actually DEAD. This should infuriate the public and the head lead scientists to challenge and support data and analysis, because these are the consequences for human civilization, since the ecological breakdown leads to global consequences, such as hunger, death and the massive migration of population outside the affected zone of the ice age and areas not suitable for human settlement. Gather facts and invite corporations and governments to immediately address the issues or face the global cataclysm of biblical proportions. With the new scientific experts will continue reporting on this most important accident that every day more.

Flow entering a new ice age could begin suddenly at any time, zadesivši us with their full strength (just like the movie The Day After Tomorrow (The Day After Tomorrow)) or he will need three to five years to develop, and the wound glaciation could start in North America, Europe and Asia, but this winter (both models are recorded on the origins of the various ice ages in Earth history).

Current satellite data on sea surface temperatures indicate that the cooling of the pre-ice age and continues
- image ~

New to ice age, in the case of a sudden start, kill two thirds of people already in the first year, a slower start would probably kill about the same number of people, however, for it would take him a few years! Thank you, British Petroleum, and thank you, President Obama, lies, and dispersants were simply magnificent. When you now just focus all that hot air in the right places, we might be in our near future to avoid the icy hell.

Dr. Bill Deagle, American Academy of Environmental Medicine
The radio show NutriMedical Report Show on network television Genesis

Lord Stirling
news blog EUROPE

Dr. Bill Deagle is a physician for the environment with a good knowledge of oceanography and marine manager of international talk shows The NutriMedical Reports. Lord Stirling worked as a consultant for numerous high technology companies and a host of popular news websites EUROPE.

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