New massive fish kill in the USA (VIDEO)

FLORIDA - Thousands of dead fish 'emerged' on the coast in the Natural Park Sebastian Inlet.

Biologists are convinced that the cause of death of so many fish the lack of oxygen. They claim that this is the type of fish whose normal kill, especially when a large number of swimming toward the shore. Because of shallow water fish were quickly consumed oxygen.

It would not be so worrisome that kill fish and other animals in the United States in recent years are increasingly common. Specifically, a week ago several hundred dead fish were found in the Arkansas River, in the same place a month earlier found even 83 000 dead fish, reports AP.

Still not clear why the fish are stray and held under the direction of low coast, where they even started to jump out of the water, talking svjedoci.Jedan the host said that for over 10 years living in this place and something never experienced.

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