2012 and the Maya

According to ancient Mayan cosmology, today we live in a time of rare galactic alignment, when our solar system is aligned with the center of our galaxy, the galactic center. Our time during the transformation of the Mayan calendar ends 21st December 2012.

Jenkins, an internationally recognized expert in ancient astronomy and the Mayan calendar, recently spoke about his work and life. "I've dedicated to reconstructing lost cosmology, " says Jenkins, "the resolution of complicated or massive, global paradigms, now forgotten." stresses gives his work both clarification and glorification of Ancient traditions, or "eternal philosophy - concepts relating to universal truths contained in the heart of the world's great religions and philosophies, and survived.
'I believe that the human species could develop reformulation ancient spiritual tradition, which is buried beneath the materialism of the modern world, "he says. It was Jenkins keen and patient research, and penetrated to the rich tradition of ground beneath the materialism of our time, and discovered an ancient hidden "treasure", ie, galactic alignment to not just the core of the Mayan calendar, but in the very center of Vedic cosmology and the various traditions of the Old World , including Mithraism, sacred architecture, and Greek world geography. Details of their progressive reconstruction is  in two books:

~ "Cosmogenesis Maya 2012 : The True Meaning of the Maya Calendar End Date"
~ "Galactic Alignment: The Transformation of Consciousness According to Mayan, Egyptian, and Vedic Traditions"

In the mid-1990s, during the last survey date 2012th the Mayan calendar, Jenkins has deciphered what he called "galactic cosmology" Maya. He realized that the Maya understood the cycle of twenty-six thousand years, known as the precession of the equinoxes, the Earth's changing orientation towards galactic center. The ancient Maya insight into the stellar progress inevitably led to the realization that one will be in the distant future, during the December solstice, the sun aligned with the center of the Milky Way, which can be seen as a "nuclear tapped" between the star of Sagittarius and Scorpio. Maya galactic center jobs as the womb "Great Mother" who is constantly renewed, and the settlement set the last date on your calendar.

Jenkins has skilfully combined the archaeo-astronomical discoveries, painting and ethnography, merging them into a highly coherent synthesis. This allowed him to revive fragmented world view which is called "multidimensional." I'm not interested by the new invention system, but a revival of old, such that due to its advanced galactic focus them in a way that modern science can barely comprehend. Using myths, symbols, texts and voices Ancient tradition, Jenkins says that the ancient tradition of the nature of galactic and galactic center is its point of departure orientation and the transcendental source of wisdom that is contained, and it is now ready to give a dramatic come out on the stage of human history such as ... lost Atlantean dimension of human souls. "
Since the astronomical map shown in recent works by Jenkins significantly interfere with the alignment and surveying of many holy sites, esoteric hermetic claim "as above, so below" has been uncovered facts. This is especially true for Izapa in Chiapas, Mexico.

It is a place that gives us the calendar 2012th, "says Jenkins. 'This is a monumental sculpture encrypted Maya wisdom about what we mean alignment for 2012!,' Three groups of ceremonial monuments in Izapa contain "legacy" of our time, in terms of understanding galactic cosmology of the ancient Maya. Jenkins group of statues in Izapa interpreted as' the very beginning of these findings, there is a lot for helping us to understand what we, today, destined to experience. An encrypted message is testimony to the brilliance of the ancient sky watchers from Izapa. "


Mystics tilting Jenkins is not too evident in his recent books, which are academically rigorous and well documented, without denying the profound spiritual truths. In his opinion, 'the intellect is not against spirituality. At the beginning of my research, when the switch from my writing poetry and composing songs on publications and research, I felt very important to give clear and concise in their discoveries, mainly because it seems that the spiritual materialism in publishing dilutes the pristine purity of the universal truths which comes into contact. Metaphors drawn from the secular modern culture and new terms, they minted for the eternal truth ... going to distort the ancient wisdom. So I decided to put your rational intellect in the service of a higher intellect and heart. The heart is actually larger than the brain. With this approach, Jenkins work serves as an example of the ability to set away from astronomy, and the deeper reaches metaphysics of spiritual transformation that awaits us on the path to galactic door.
Galactic door, and their meaning for our time, the focus of attention of the book "Galactic Alignment".
As we approach the 2012th year and the last date in the Mayan calendar, it is clear that knowledge of the completion of the current era, presented in many texts of the world's sages, merge and Jenkins interprets them in his latest book. According to his discovery, the last of four Hindu time cycles, called yuga, ended in accordance with the last date of Maya, as well as the Age of Pisces.

 Year 2012. astronomical defined time when the sun for the winter solstice aligned with the center of the Milky Way. Jenkins gives an overview of the galactic philosopher Oliver Reiser, to offer a scientific interpretation of how to align our solar system and galactic plane, and what might be the consequences for life and consciousness on Earth.

 The inevitable question is: Does the same change in our relationship to the broader universe?. Jenkins expectation that issue is fully developed in the book, Galactic Alignment, but insists and gives the following answer to this question: What is happening now was the focus of many, many old systems and ancient philosophy, in practically all world traditions. If our own civilization, including our scientific and religious leaders, sees no real meaning in that event, then you stand alone, separate from the world of traditions that have seen it.

Professor Jocelyn Godwin from Colgate University and the author of papers on esoteric topics, considered a valuable research cycle of twenty-six thousand years (which is the galactic alignment "final" event) in the sense that it reveals its true meaning. He said: 'John Major Jenkins is the most learned of the global voice of the ever increasing chorus theorists "galactic center". Implanting the subject in the context of ancient traditions, raises a new level of seriousness and conviction.
Jenkins emphasizes that his work does not advocate a new "system" or "model", already offers a reconstruction of the lost knowledge. He notes that, in retrospect, it seems that his efforts led to initial inspiration gained vision after the goddess of the Earth. Feels give "someone pulling the strings behind the scenes" to contribute to the clarity of his work, which actually refers to the re-birth of the world. He said that his amount of misunderstanding and false information in the world seems "incredibly sad" and that, more than anything, he wants his work to be inspirational, to help people in acquiring a deeper understanding of the ancient teaching of human transformation.


In many of the world's great cultures of ancient times, the center of the Milky Way is experiencing as a wing of the Great Mother Goddess, the source and center of the visible light, and as the ultimate tool for our regeneration at the end of the historical "chapters". The area of the galactic center, for the Maya, was origin, ill place of birth.
Because Jenkins was an experience "rebirth", the goddess who bestows blessings, was particularly significant because it directly led the investigation that led to the disclosure of all the mythical town are connected with astronomical time 2012th , when will the sun in the bowels of the Great Mother in the center of the Milky Way reborn. Jenkins believes that it is particularly important to understand that the 2012th means the process of settlement, and that any expectations should not only focus on one particular day. Nevertheless, 2012. entered the national consciousness and can be regarded as ending a great year of precession, dying old and the birth of a new bass as well as changes in day and night, lunar months and solar years. Our trip around the great precessional zodiac wheel is the period of pregnancy humanity than twenty six thousand years, a time of birth is the 2012th As in all beginnings, new life has purpose, but there is always the possibility of an accident or disaster, if everything is not in accordance with the force and significance of "rites of maturity", known as birth. Opposition against the acceptance can lead to different results.

It is only natural that questions arise about what Jenkins sees on the horizon of the present moment between now and 2012. Jenkins carefully matches. "Maybe it's not popular to say, but the truth is, he says, the goal of 2012-is not really alone years is a shift to process-oriented. It is an open door of opportunity that occurs once in the precessional cycle to join the galactic source of life ". He points out that there are forces that have already started to act and lead us through a transformation that is unlike anything experienced in the millennia ... The fact that it makes us humble and sober us is that we are invited to create, nurture and contribute to developing something that will bloom much later after we as individuals, we die. At stake is a larger wave of life of mankind. "Lesson reminds us that Native Americans should look seven generations ahead if we are to make wise decisions, and suggests that it should be our leading maxim.

As for the 2012th the, Galactic Alignment points on the compass of time, which is not only an event with cause and effect, but elevated the process of spiritual transformation (which can be intense and demanding). If 2012th years means something definite, it is more likely a matter of time reunion of traditional Maya, whose calendar for 2012. year predicted the end of World Age inherent truth deep in their mythology of creation. Great minds of Central America that are associated mythology, political organization, religion and astronomy in one unit, they certainly like to understand the modern Maya and re-take the size of the achievements of his people in the past. Jenkins in Galactic Alignment book explores the extent to which the galactic alignment, the central doctrine of global traditions. He finds it in Mithraism, Vedic astronomy, the Yuga doctrine, Islamic astrology, sacred geography of Europe, Christian religious architecture of the Middle Ages and the various hermetic traditions. "For me, it means that the knowledge of Maya galactic alignment 2012th is contained even in the core of Western spirituality, and traditions that can unite on the surface seem quite different.

One wonders how Jenkins perceives the essence of their work, and what is next for him. Really? My constant contact with Sofia, superior wisdom. My work with the symbolism of the tree of life led me in this research field. The prototype of the Great Mother of renewal and wisdom he has been a motif that appears in almost all my books. Even if we did not initially been intended. All in all, the essence of the work is healing, restoring and opening the small door at the end of time leading to a new world, a new cycle in the drama of human development.

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Japan nuclear: Workers evacuated as radiation soars

Radioactivity in water at reactor 2 at the quake-damaged Fukushima nuclear plant has reached 10 million times the usual level, company officials say.

Workers trying to cool the reactor core to avoid a meltdown have been evacuated.

Earlier, Japan's nuclear agency said that levels of radioactive iodine in the sea near the plant had risen to 1,850 times the usual level.

The UN's nuclear agency has warned the crisis could go on for months.

It is believed the radiation at Fukushima is coming from one of the reactors, but a specific leak has not been identified.

Leaking water at reactor 2 has been measured at 1,000 millisieverts/hour - 10 million times higher than when the plant is operating normally.

"We are examining the cause of this, but no work is being done there because of the high level of radiation," said a spokesman for the plant's operator Tokyo Electric Power Co (Tepco).

"High levels of caesium and other substances are being detected, which usually should not be found in reactor water. There is a high possibility that fuel rods are being damaged," the spokesman added.

Tepco has been criticised for a lack of transparency and failing to provide information more promptly.

The nation's nuclear agency said the operator of the Fukushima plant had made a number of mistakes, including worker clothing.

Meanwhile, the Japanese government said that airbone radiation around the plant was decreasing.

The plant was damaged in the deadly 11 March earthquake and tsunami.

The death toll has now passed 10,000, and more than 17,440 people are missing.

The UN nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), has now sent extra teams to the Japanese nuclear plant.

The radiation found in the sea will no longer be a risk after eight days because of iodine's half-life, officials say.

  Fresh water

Japanese government spokesman Yukio Edano said on Saturday that Tepco had to be more transparent in the wake of an incident this week in which three workers were exposed to radiation levels 10,000 times higher than normal, suffering burns.

"We strongly urge Tepco to provide information to the government more promptly," Mr Edano said.

Hidehiko Nishiyama, a spokesman for Japan's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (Nisa), said two injured workers were wearing boots that only came up to their ankles and afforded little protection.

"Regardless of whether there was an awareness of high radioactivity in the stagnant water, there were problems in the way work was conducted," Mr Nishiyama said.

He said Tepco also knew of high air radiation at one reactor several days before the incident at the Fukushima Daiichi plant 240km (150 miles) north of Tokyo.

He said Tepco had been warned and measures to improve safety had been put in place.

He said that leakage from reactors had probably caused the high levels of radiation found in water at the Fukushima plant.

Emergency workers are continuing to cool the reactors in an effort to prevent a meltdown. They have now switched to using more favoured fresh water as a coolant, rather than sea water.

There had been fears the salt in sea water could further corrode machinery. The fresh water is being pumped in so that contaminated radioactive water can be extracted.

The team of more than 700 engineers has found radioactive water in three of the six reactors.

Four of the reactors are still considered volatile.

The US 7th Fleet is sending barges loaded with 500,000 gallons of fresh water.

Mr Edano said: "We seem to be keeping the situation from turning worse. But we still cannot be optimistic."


Mr Amano told the New York Times that Japan was "still far from the end of the accident".

Although he saw some "positive signs", particularly the restoration of electric power, he said: "More efforts should be done to put an end to the accident."

His main fears were that the lack of coolant would mean spent fuel rods would remain exposed to the air, and then heat up, releasing radioactive material.

China, Singapore, Hong Kong and other Asian importers have banned some imports of vegetables, seafood and milk products for fear of contamination.

Australia, the European Union, the United States and Russia have followed suit.

Meanwhile in Japan's tsunami disaster zone, the military has helped supply food and water and has continued clearing areas to try to recover more bodies.

There has been a need for mass burials in some areas along the coast.

Hundreds of thousands of displaced people are still housed in temporary shelters such as gymnasiums.

The Japanese government has put the rebuilding cost at $309bn (£191.8bn).

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Radiation - a good servant but a bad master

Final dimensions of the accident in Japanese nuclear power plants are still not in sight. Appears clear, however, clear. The debate over the future of nuclear power is back on the agenda.

Nuclear disasters in Japan will change the world. Will permanently change it. It clearly showed us how dangerous and unpredictable at the end of atomic energy. Yes, we can control the splitting of atoms. Yes, we know how atoms behave and what we do to help us produce large amounts of energy. But we now know that the experts, nuclear physicists and politicians frightening helplessness when a nuclear power plant falls out of balance. Prevailing weakness and hope that it will melt the reactor core itself may cease.

Who says that Japan knows where tectonic "a barrel of gunpowder" sitting in Germany and never be so strong earthquake, this stuff makes you damn simple. What about planes that can drop to a nuclear power plant, which is to terrorist attacks and the multiple human and technical error?

The danger is not only a potential disaster - but the nuclear waste. We do not know where the management team that might someday be a problem. Despite an intensive search for the location, anywhere in the world at the moment there is not the only one landfill for eternity.

  The risk of future

If we want this risk in the future? Although we have alternatives. Solar energy, wind energy and so on? Renewable energy sources that make us independent of oil, which are benign and permanent, are not problematic for those who will come to earth after us. In this energy finally has much to invest. They are not environmentally dream. No. They are a symbol of clean, sustainable, technically modern society.

Atomic energy is itself overtaken. It is dirty, dangerous and wasting resources. Slowly disappears and the uranium fuel for nuclear power plants. Uranus has a maximum of another 50-60 years, experts say. Is this sustainable? Such as claiming only the atomic industry lobbyists and energy corporations, who make a lot of money by splitting the atom - and who have a strong influence on politicians. A policy is, hopefully, a disaster in Japan awake.

Now has to prove courage. I invest in energy technology and the future.

History of use of nuclear energy is full of minor and major incidents. Some of them were particularly dramatic. We present a chronological overview of the major accidents that have partly changed the view on nuclear energy.

  April 1986th

The most difficult disaster in Earth's history occurred in Chernobyl in Ukraine, then part of the Soviet Union. The graphite reactor explosion at the site killed 32 people. Thousands of people died as a result of failures over the years and decades that followed.

Around 120,000 people had to be relocated from the irradiated area. Winds and clouds of radioactive material is then "transported" to the area of Western Europe.

A comprehensive and shocking article about the Chernobyl accident can be viewed HERE.

  March 1979th

The largest nuclear accident in the United States occurred at Three Mile Island nuclear power in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania federal government. Radioactive "cloud" is then registered and a few hundred kilometers from the accident site.

More than 200,000 people had to flee their homes.

  October 1957th 

In a nuclear power plant in Windscale in the UK once the fire broke out in a reactor that was used for plutonium production. Radioactive gases are "poisoned" the large area of several hundred square kilometers.

From the resulting accident died at least 39 people.

   September 1957th

The world is one of the biggest nuclear disaster learned only a few years after it actually occurred. In Soviet plutonium plant Majak exploded an underground tank with liquid, radioactive waste management. At least 1,000 people were killed and more than 10,000 came in contact with radioactive material.

To date, no reliable figures on the extent of the accident. For half a century has been irradiated in a large area of about 12,000 square kilometers.

Only 1976th the world learned of this accident, the secret was betrayed a Soviet scientist who had emigrated. Moscow has yet 1990th officially recognized by the general average.


On Saturday afternoon, the radiation level was 1015 milisiverta (mSv). By comparison, the radiation from the vicinity of the average person receives 2 mSv per year.

What is the dose that is received during a medical examination?

Whole body CT received a 10 milisiverta, a lung X-ray 0.1 milisivert. Rengenolozi and operators of nuclear power plants should receive about 100 milisiverta over five years, or 20 milisiverta in one year of that period. Such persons are under regular medical control.

What is the lethal dose of radiation?

- Around 6000 mSv. These larger doses are lethal, a radiation dose greater than 2000 mSv causing severe radiation sickness.

What are the immediate effects of radiation on human health?

Exposure to moderate doses of radiation can be removed after several hours lead to nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache and fever. Higher doses of radiation damage internal organs and ultimately may be deadly.

Fission products which are particularly dangerous to your health?

Radioactive iodine, which is embedded in the thyroid gland and radioactive strontium that is built into the bones. The main danger threatening the organism if the radioactive products from entering the body, either through the airway, either through the digestive system.

What are the parts of the body most susceptible to damage by radiation?

The most sensitive to radioactive rays are the cells of the stomach and intestines and parts of the bone marrow where blood cells are created.

What are the long-term effects of radiation on humans?

Radiation leads to genetic mutations and the biggest risk in the longer term is cancer. Among the later effects of radiation are degenerative changes in the lungs, kidney damage, vision problems, etc.

Are children exposed to greater risk from radiation?

Potentially, because they grow and develop in line with more cells in their body is divided. Therefore, it is more likely to disrupt the cycle of separation and that comes to cancer. After Chernobyl, the World Health Organization has recorded a dramatic increase in thyroid cancer among children in the area. 

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6th THE DISASTER IN JAPAN - willing to die to save the EARTH

>>>> NEW <<<<22:05 - Through the efforts of fire trucks the Japanese military who have poured water damaged reactor Fukushima slightly lower levels of radiation, said Tokyo Electric Power Company.

20:00 - The Japanese government informed the IAEA that the workers at the plant failed to set the power cable into the reactor 2 muklear Fukushima. The electricity will be connected when you finish pouring water into the reactor 3, which was stopped while it lasted for mounting power supply on the second reactor

19:02 - Tokyo Electric Power Co.. (TEPCO), which manages the surveillance Fukushima nuclear power, has opened a profile on Twitter and immediately attracted 117.000 watchers in the first six hours after only two messages. - I sincerely apologize for the serious situation in the nuclear Fukushima 1, radiation leaks and power cuts, they wrote in a post. TEPCO plans to regularly report on current developments in nuclear power plants.

18:50 - The situation in the nuclear Fukushima Dai-ichi has not significantly worsened in the last 24 hours, but it would be premature to talk about the trace of hope, said experts at the IAEA.

- The current situation in reactors 1, 2 and 3 is relatively stable, but the situation remains very serious - said Andrew Graham, scientific and technical adviser to the IAEA.

 18:39 - Germany has announced it will temporarily move its embassy from Tokyo to Osaka.

17:37 - A senior IAEA said the nuclear situation in the Fukushima Dai-ichi is still very serious, but relatively stable. - There was no significant worsening of the situation in the last 24 hours, said Graham Andrews.

16:50 - French nuclear safety agency yesterday, the situation in the reactor, 4 called extremely alarming .- The next 48 hours will be crucial - said Thierry Charles from the French Institute for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety.

15:50 Many residents of Yamaga, a city with more than 250,000 inhabitants on the island of Honshu are extremely worried because the place has less fuel. Therefore, trucks refuse to go to the store in town until they had provided fuel for the return. "Shops were completely devastated. The situation is extremely stressful '- residents complain Yamaga.

15:25 - The official number of dead and missing after the devastating earthquake and tsunami that destroyed the northeastern coast of Japan has exceeded 15 000, police said. The death toll has reached 5692 while the number of missing has risen to the 9522nd 2409 people were injured. Despite the already daunting numbers, authorities believe the numbers will increase significantly.



14:22 - Damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant will again be connected to the national power grid, reports TepcoDisaster on Twitter. Water pumps and other equipment still need to be connected, but this could be a turning point for a potential nuclear disaster. Namely, because of a power failure stopped the work in the reactors cooling system, and they have started to overheat. The same source reports that the No. 1 reactor cooling water cannons effectively. New action splashing water reactor from helicopters have been announced for Friday morning.

13:11 - Taiwanese authorities have discovered the radioactive particles to 26 passenger plane which arrived from Japan. Three days after the major airports in the region have set the sensors to detect radiation, tested more than 4400 people, and 26 of them carried the radioactive particles, said the Atomic Energy Council, Taiwan institutions to control nuclear energy. Most particles located on shoes and clothing, but the radiation level is not detrimental to health. The level of radiation is 0.2 mikrosevert per hour which is more than the usual background radiation. Passengers are released after I changed clothes and shoes and wash them in water.

12:47 - Special fire trucks the Japanese military began the damaged reactor Fukushima nuclear power plant watered with water, NHK reports. Two trucks, a total of five vehicles, began to cool the reactors after police reported that their fire trucks do not have a sufficiently powerful water cannon which is why they had to bring the irradiated buildings. The advantage of military vehicles and that the crew can remain inside the cab while using the water cannon while additionally protected.

12:44 - France to Japan will send 95 tons of boron, an element that mitigates radiation, said French Minister of Energy and Industry Eric Besson. Clarify, chemical elements boron and cadmium very well absorb the neutrons that are 'wrong' for the nuclear reaction. If neutrons are effectively 'curb' break up of nuclear fission in the reactors.

12:40 - The official number of dead and missing after the devastating earthquake and tsunami that destroyed the northeastern coast of Japan is approaching 15 000, police said.  The death toll has reached 5457 while the number of missing has risen to the 9508th 2409 people were injured. Despite the already daunting numbers, authorities believe the numbers will increase significantly.

10:41 - Fourteen elderly patients died after being evacuated from a hospital which was located in the zone of radiation damaged nuclear power plant. Authorities say the two died during the journey, and another 12 during the temporary accommodation at the high school gymnasium. Other patients were transferred to other hospitals on Thursday morning.

10:05 - China has asked Japan to publish "a regular and accurate 'information about the development of a nuclear crisis in fear of radiation contamination.

09:35 - Low concentrations of radioactive particles moving from the damaged nuclear Fukushima east to North America, said the Swedish official told Reuters. Level, fortunately, is not sufficient for any kind of threat to human health.

09:25 - Approximately 850 000 households in the north of Japan has been without electricity at temperatures down to zero, TEPCO said. Another 1.5 million homes no drinking water. Additional problems in the rehabilitation of infrastructure and rescue operations creates a powerful snow.

09:17 - According to the German portal Blick in Fukushima plant damaged by a total of 750 workers remained, 50 of them who are doing their best to overheated reactor brought under control. Japanese authorities have announced that other workers are voluntary.

Edmund Lengfelder, a German scientist with the Institute of Radiation in Munich, said that plant employees were exposed to excessive doses of radiation and that half could die within a few weeks.

Also, Spiegel says that so far at the plant five workers died, 22 injured and two others were missing since the time of the earthquake and tsunami.


TOKYO - Japanese military helicopters on Thursday dropped more tons of water on the damaged nuclear power plant Deiichi Fukushima, which is located 220 kilometers north of Tokyo, would not it so cool off the fuel rods and to prevent a catastrophic release of radiation.

Four helicopters with two propellers CH-47 Chinook carrying the water tank which can accommodate up to seven tons of fluids. The aim of the mission was to keep fuel rods inside the reactor and the protective pool, under water, which will stop their decay, which occurs when they are in contact with air.

Helicopter flights have started very early in the morning in fine weather, but like the previous days were suspended before dark because of fear of strong radiation and strong winds.

Police water cannons were also supposed to be used along with other methods. Toshimi Kitazawa defense minister said the additional 11 vehicles to be used for cooling the reactor, and on the road and the water pump that sent the U.S. military.

Agency for Nuclear Safety, the Japanese government explained that the water will flow into the reactors 3 and 4 for which it is suspected that the key you are fully protected.

Tokyo Electric Energy, owner of the damaged nuclear power plant, said Thursday that the pool reactor 4 'seems to have water. "There is an argument founded on the observation of air performed by military helicopters, but could not confirm on which the amount of work and whether they spent fuel rods exposed to the atmosphere.

TEPCO had earlier announced that he is prepared to return the power plant which will start operating scheduled and cooling system that has ceased to operate after the twin disasters.

An earthquake measuring 9 on the Richter scale, the strongest ever to hit Japan, destroyed the infrastructure that is necessary electricity supplied Fukushima nuclear power plant. The plant is currently 70-odd workers mobile stations pouring sea water into the reactors.

In Fukushima Prefecture, where within a radius of 20 kilometers from the plant were evacuated residents at 26 sites each day 10 000 people being scanned in fear of radiation. For now, it was discovered all six people who were exposed to radiation exceeding the amount allowed.

Japanese authorities have published the latest official data. The earthquake and tsunami killed 5178 people and 2300 were injured. Rescuers still looking for 8606 people. Even 380 000 people live in shelters, according to Kyodo News.

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Conspiracy Theory: Apocalypse in Japan caused by HAARP?

After a double disaster in Japan, earthquake and tsunami, and then multiple explosions damaged the Fukushima nuclear power plant on the internet are, as it usually happens after such events, conspiracy theories surfaced that for all the troubles in the 'land of the rising sun' blame the U.S. Active research program auroralnog high frequency or HAARP  (  High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program).

Specifically, the conspirators argue that HAARP  after weeks of silence electromagnetic turned around midnight in the GMT, or about 1 hour to CET-in, and has been heavily worked.

In his theories and presents evidence on the connection between HAARP and Japan showing clips from YouTube claiming that HAARP or similar device to control time has been used over the country. (video 1)



As a last powerful argument refer to the earthquake in Niigata Prefecture 2007th in respect of having an article titled " Western bankers threaten Japan HAARP's eco-destruction a year before the earthquake in China".

They warn that before the earthquake in Niigata, but also those in China and Chile, in the sky seen a strange light similar to a polar light. Conspirators claim that HAARP experts confirmed that the color of the sky caused by electromagnetic disturbance which is down from the ionosphere.  

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The scale of the disaster are all higher

>>>> NEW <<<<18:04 - Ishinomaki Mayor announced that in his city lost about ten thousand people after the earthquake and tsunami. Then advertise to and from the port city Minamisanrikua that none of their ten thousand inhabitants has been found. The death toll has risen to 4314.

17:37 - The European Union has warned all its members that due to radiation checks all food imported from Japan. Doctors around the world, however, warn Japan may ignore radiation and concentrates on the victims of the tsunami and earthquakes because their assistance is currently much more needed.


15:48 - The number of killed and missing in a disastrous earthquake in Japan has surpassed the number of 12,000. Were killed 4277 people and injured are the 2282nd

14:38 - Japanese authorities have increased the maximum allowable radiation dose for workers in nuclear power plants, with 100 milisieverta to 250 mSv. The procedure was as described 'inevitable due to recent events. "

14:20 Croatia has now temporarily moved to the embassy in Tokyo to Osaka.

14:01 After Failed cooling the reactor with the help of helicopters, Japan has asked the National Police Agency water cannons which will try to pour water into the tanks with fuel rods, NHK reports.

13:00 - China is Japan has donated 10 000 tonnes of diesel and 10 000 tons of gasoline to help prevent fuel shortages, reports the Xinhua news agency said.

12:53 - TEPCO, Tokyo Electric Energy, a company whose ownership is Deiichi Fukushima nuclear power plant, said on its website for an earlier incident in which 'abnormal noise is heard from the chamber for releasing pressure. " This led to the temporary evacuation of workers.

- We are aware of the error and apologize for the inconvenience and alarm that the incident was caused not only nearby, but the population and the general public - said in apologizing.

12:35 - Kyodo News reports that their homes were evacuated 430 000 people are housed in shelters 2400. Prefecture of Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima will build 32.800 temporary housing units.

12:34 The governor of Fukushima prefecture, where the nuclear power plant, the NHK has spoken about the concerns and anger of the area residents who, in his words, 'on the edge of despair'.

Yuhe Sato complained that aid does not reach the 100,000 people who live in evacuation centers, because they live within a radius of 20 kilometers from a nuclear power plant.

12:30 - In the northeast of Japan's snowing, which makes it difficult for rescue work teams, who already have enough problems with shortages of water, fuel and electricity, and poor communication.

Temperatures in the most affected prefectures, Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima have fallen close to zero, and meteorologists announced Thursday that it will fall to - 5 degrees Celsius.

11:56 to 11:53 - Commenting speech of Japanese Emperor Akihito, NHK TV said that this was the first time that the car suddenly via a video message addressed naciiji. For the earthquake in Kobe 1995th The public gave a written statement.

In the meantime, China is the last in a series of countries that have ordered security checks of nuclear plants and stop future nuclear projects.

10:45 - In the course of action was pouring water into the reactors 5 and 6, reports Reuters.

Edan Japanese government spokesman said that the population within 20 kilometers from the Fukushima nuclear power plant are no longer in immediate danger. Remember, people within 20 kilometers were evacuated, and those up to 30 kilometers have been advised not to leave.

About 16 hours local time the radiation levels around nuclear power plants is stable at 1.5 milisieverta.

10:20 - Edan Japanese government spokesman says it carried out the preparation of injection water reactors 4:06 a.m. from the ground.

10:13 - A government spokesman Yukio Edan will hold another news conference. He again stressed that no direct threat to the health of plants around the Fukushima Daiichi.

10:02 - The Army has abandoned reactor cooling water from the helicopter due to overuse of radiation hazards for the crew.

The army action was hired for a helicopter CH-47 Chinook with two propellers, reported that public television NHK showed footage was not immediately shut down.

Japanese Ministry of Defense said it was at 16 hours local time (8 hrs CET-in) was given the command to send to a CH47 Fukushima plant. A few helicopters is in standby mode.

- We know how to extinguish forest fires, but no nuclear power plants. This will be our first time and we do not know what will be the results. There are many unknowns, that are radioactive and risks will I be cooled effectively. However, since this is a significant emergency, the government decided that the best way - said ministry officials.

09:59 - The British Daily Telegraph wrote, referring to Wikileaks, that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) two years ago warned Japan that its nuclear power plants can not izdražti strong earthquakes.

09:55 - World Health Organization (WHO) announced that there was no evidence of significant spread of radiation. Michael O'Leary on behalf of the WHO asked governments of the world and prominent public figures to take measures to stop rumors it would be 'dangerous cloud of radiation could expand into Asia. "

09:40 - The level of radiation in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant on Wednesday at one point reached a high 10 milisieverta per hour, reported Kyodo News.

09:37 - charter flight prices have gone up sharply since thousands of people trying to escape from Japan, reports Reuters. - Yesterday I received a request that the 14 individuals transferred from Tokyo to Hong Kong. Let 5 hours and 5 minutes. They are not interested in the price - said Jackie Wu of Hong Kong Jet-A.

09:15 - Japan's NHK TV reported that the helicopter, which will throw water at the reactor 3, to fly over the building several times because of high radiation doses over it can not stay with. The whole process will be similar to the helicopter fire.

09:00 - This is the first address of Emperor Akihito nakakon disaster on Friday. He is otherwise very rarely appears in public. He expressed great concern about the earthquake described as "unprecedented event".

08:42 - The death toll rose to 3771 while missing almost 8000 people, reports the Japanese television NHK TV.

Japanese Emperor Akihito said the speech.

- Pray for the safety of people - he said.


Japan ordered the evacuation of workers from vulnerable nuclear power Fukushima Dai-ichi after the abrupt increase in radiation, and thus temporarily suspended efforts to cool the reactor pregrijanih.

Government spokesman Yukio Edan said that workers who are reactors cooled with sea water, they had no choice but to withdraw from dangerous areas.

Officials in Ibaraki prefecture, just south of Fukushime, reported that the level of radiation 300 times greater than mormalne. In the long term these levels dangerous to human health, but can be fatal.

After a double disaster that struck Japan on Friday by millions of people in this country barely surviving due to lack of food, water or heating, and the situation will further hinder the coming cold front.

More than 450,000 people currently reside in temporary tents or sleeping on the floor of the school hall.

More than 11,000 people are officially listed dead or missing, but most officials believe that the final list of the dead to exceed the figure of 10,000.

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Two more reactors are overheating: The radiation was released into the atmosphere and the radiation level increased 400 times!

>>> NEW <<- 21:47 - President of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Yukiya Amano, reiterated that a nuclear accident in Japan is still very different from those at Chernobyl 1986th Although the recent events very disturbing.

Also, Amano said the IAEA wants Japan to receive regular and detailed information about current events in the Fukushima nuclear power plants.

Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS), headquartered in the U.S., said it agrees with the French nuclear safety agency (ASN) in the assessment of the situation in Japan. Remember, the ASN accident Fukushimi assessed with a 6 because of an explosion and fire and announced that the event is closer to level 7, which describes the Chernobyl disaster.

21:34 - Reconstruction of the destroyed areas of Japan would cost at least $ 180 billion or 3 percent of its GDP, according to an international financial services company Credit Suisse. It is more than half over reconstruction costs after the disastrous Kobe earthquake 1995th year, which killed 6000 people. Some estimate that the cost amount to 1 trillion dollars over the years.

21:33 - The U.S. Atomic Energy Commission said it was Japan in the event of damage to the Fukushima nuclear power plant reacted in accordance with their rules. Japanese authorities have been ordered evacuation people within 20 kilometers of the plant and advised for retail within 30 kilometers to go out of the house.

21:25 - Tsunami scale as it was one that was destroyed Friday in the northeast part of Japan appears to be the same area every 1000 years, explained seismologist Roger Musson, a leading expert British Geological Survey says it noticed the similarity last week's wave and the one bank Sendai hit 869th year.

20:44 - There was another moment of joy for rescuers. Was pulled from the rubble 20-year-old boy who spent the rest of the building under 96 hours.

- People do not die so easily. Do not give up on life. That's why so much effort in it. We will continue with the rescue - said Takashi Honda, one of the rescuers.

During the day there were 20 small earthquakes of magnitude greater than 6 degrees to the Richter scale. Interactive map of the earthquake can be found HERE.

20:23 - Concerns about the number 4 reactor power Fukushima persists reports BBC correspondent Chris Hogg in Tokyo. Feared that the water level in the reactor is too low and that the spent fuel rods in contact with the atmosphere.

20:14 - Around about 6 hours of the morning local time (around 22 hours in the CET), a powerful explosion was heard inside the plant Fukushima, said Tokyo Electric Energy, owner of the damaged nuclear power plant. According to their official letter, later confirmed that the roof reactor number 4 damaged.U that the reactor spent fuel rods are stored.

There is an ongoing investigation into the potential radiation leaks and general condition of the plant.

19:31 - The BBC correspondent Chis Hogg in Tokyo reports that are believed to have damaged a nuclear power plant in Fukushima four explosions occurred.

The fourth explosion reportedly took place in reactor number 4 where the storage of used fuel rods.

U.S. authorities have advised their citizens if they are in Japan, not to leave Tokyo.

18:42 - India has ordered that all imported foods from Japan tested for radioactivity. same tests carried out the Thai, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines.

18:35 - The explosion at reactor No. 2 was probably damaged its core, has expressed its concern about the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

- It is possible that the damaged core. It is estimated that the damage is less than five percent - said Yukiya Amano, the IAEA Director General.

He added that the situation is worrisome, but still softer than Chernobyl.

18:30 - Reconstruction of Japan could take about a half decades, said Abhas Jha, a specialist at the World Bank.

- The restoration of damaged cities after the catastrophic earthquake in Kobe 1995th Japan took less than five years because I believe that here will be required at least as much - he said Jha told Reuters.

18:22 - BRUSSELS - European Commissioner for Energy Günther Ottinger called the nuclear power plant accident in Japan 'disaster', stressing that the official Tokio nearly lost control over the damaged reactor.

- We talk about the 'Apocalypse' and I think that the choice is very good idea. Almost everything is out of control and we can not exclude the worst scenario in the coming hours and days - said Ottinger.

17:55 - The International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed that the Hamaoka nuclear power plant went without damage in an earthquake of 6.1 degree with its epicenter 100 kilometers from it.

17:30 - cloud of radiation from the damaged nuclear power plant could come to Tokyo.

Japan has so far received assistance from as many as 100 countries and regions and 14 international organizations have confirmed the Japanese government.

16:12 - The BBC correspondent in Yamagata Cleive Myra reports that began snow which will further complicate the search and rescue action.

16:41 - dangerous levels of radiation that was leaked after the nuclear power plant Fukushima Dai-go yesterday rocked the third explosion in four days, forced the Japanese government to the 140,000 people within 30 kilometers of a nuclear power plant requested not to leave the house. Prime Minister Kan Noto said that those who have not listened to the advice to evacuate from a radius of 20 kilometers around the power plant, is now urgent to do, and that the population in a radius of 20 30 kilometers does not come out into the open.

- The risk of leaks is the fact that radiation is still rising. We take every effort to stop leaks. I know people are very worried, but I would like to ask you to be quiet - said Khan.

Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), the owner of the damaged nuclear power plant Fukushima, announced that he will probably use helicopters to pour water into the damaged reactor to cool down the fuel rods after the Tuesday morning led to a third major explosion. The water which is used for cooling the reactor number 4 and earlier was at boiling point, reported Kyodo News. If you come to a complete evaporation of the fuel rods could be exposed to air so there will ignite and emit radioactive material into the atmosphere. Above the complex was declared a 30-kilometer zone of the flight ban.

- We have no other option but to use helicopters. We plan to take tomorrow or Thursday - said a spokesman for TEPCO.

Meanwhile, more U.S. soldiers being exposed to radiation during the flight to Japan to help with wear. The United States announced their intention to move the ships to the western coast of Japan in order to avoid large pieces of debris that float in the ocean, but the radiation that leaks from damaged nuclear plant.

USA Navy said that 17 soldiers should undergo a process of decontamination after a search and rescue missions.

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The radiation from the damaged nuclear power plant Fukushima leak for months, says NY Times

>>>> NEW <<- 20:30 - In Japan, after the earthquake and tsunami displaced about 100,000 children, said the NGO 'Save the Children, based in the UK.

Many homes have disappeared or been destroyed as a result of the disaster, and will be placed in detention centers. However, they are already full, and urges organizations to collect cash assistance for children affected by the disaster.

19:50 Experts who follow developments in the nuclear Fukushima 1, said the state is again unstable and that the danger of explosion back.

- We are not optimistic, but we believe that we will restore water to the reactor as soon as the air pressure stabilizes - said one of the experts on reactor.

But there are still positive news, the level of radiation was reduced by seven times, which means that the risk of CMP at the moment.

19:00 The United Nations announced that he does not plan a major operation in Japan "because it is the best prepared country in the world when it comes to disaster of this scale. "

Currently there is 15 rescue teams, many searchers with dogs and equipment for lifting heavy loads, and most are sent Russia, South Korea and the United States. And on the ground seven UN experts to assist in emergency situations.


18:20 - It is unlikely that there will be another large explosion damaged a nuclear power reactor Fukushima, announced a spokesman for Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Edan. He added that the reactor will reach a huge explosion of accumulated hydrogen, because it will come out through the holes in the building caused the explosion of other reactors, and will not accumulate to levels that could cause an explosion.

16:57 - Japan has officially requested the assistance of the United Nations regarding nucler power. In order to help them should arrive "nuclear watchdog" International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which has offered to help on Friday when the earthquake and tsunami hit the country and caused problems in power plants.

The agency would be on the field should provide all possible assistance that may be in such moments of crisis.

15:35 - Japanese engineer Masashi Goto, who worked on the design of the protective coating of the reactor core Fukushima nuclear power plant, says that design is not strong enough to withstand an earthquake and tsunami, and then strength.

He fears that the explosion of the reactor 3:01 a.m. may damage the protective steel sheath around the reactors and the possibility that radioactive material escapes into the atmosphere.

The problem is that it is the power used by the type of fuel that has lower melting point than conventional. If there is a core meltdown and explosion, plutonium would be spread over the area twice as fast as conventional fuel for nuclear power plants.

- Next 24 hours will be critical - says Goto.

14:00 - Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), a Japanese company who owns that contains the damaged nuclear power plant in Fukushimi, announced today that the melting of the radioactive core of reactor number 2 must be taken as a real possibility after the water level, which performs cooling drastically decreased .

Experts do their best to cool off the three reactors, two of which were damaged, and the third is scheduled cooling.

TEPCO says that even 3.7  by 4 meters fuel rods in full on the air from 20:07 hours local time, 11:07 CET by-in. In the process of pouring sea water into the reactor to be cooled.

In the meantime, Russia is ready to redirect the 6000 MW of electricity to Japan, according to AFP.

Also, the United States suspect that Japan wants to conceal the real situation on the ground, reports the NYTimes. Specifically, Japan estimates that the radioactivity in the nuclear power plant twice the permitted, the U.S. called modest  because their helicopters at a distance of 96 kilometers noticed a significant dose of radiation. Results are still being analyzed, but the Americans believe that the radiation is rapidly expanding.

12:43 - The radiation from the damaged nuclear power plant Fukushima leak for months, according to NYTimes. It adds up, and that experts in the reactors, which were left without cooling, feed seawater, but also play a radioactive steam out to make the system circulating. This process can take up to a year.

Japanese authorities have announced that the level of radioactivity is low, but the United States conducted their investigation.

Some places in Japan have remained without electricity on Monday. According to Kyodo News, loss of electricity will appear by the end of April.

11:57 - Protective layer Fukushima nuclear power reactors, where the weekend two explosions occurred, remained intact and continues to provide a satisfactory level of security, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Similarly, Japan's nuclear safety agency has denied any possibility of a disaster similar to the one in Chernobyl.

Although the protective building the reactor exploded, covering is not damaged and the control room of reactor 3 and is still operational. The cause of the explosion was, according to experts, the accumulation of hydrogen.

11:50 - French Minister of Industry and Energy of Eric Besson explained the situation in Japan after the accident in the Fukushima nuclear power plant is 'worrying' and that one can not dismiss the potential scenario of a nuclear disaster.

- It's a tough nuclear accident because there was a radioactive leak, but not a disaster. However, this scenario can not be dismissed - said Besson explained that the disaster would be a fusion reactor and especially the rupture of the tank wall reactor.

11:15 - Number of missing and injured has climbed to 5000, Kyodo News agency reports, adding that in two disasters destroyed at least six ports in the northeastern area of Japan. For their rehabilitation and return of the market will take more months, perhaps years.

Help for Japan is now sent 70-odd countries, among them China.

10:13 - International Atomic Energy IAEA has said the explosion was not damaged sinoćnoj protective shell reactor third

Scientists have succeeded in reactor No. 2, which is due to the failure of cooling is also threatened by overheating, put in sea water and reduce the temperature below 100 degrees Celsius.

10:05 - Continuing to weaker earthquakes around Japan, while maintaining the level of panic among people. BBC correspondent Clive Sendaija from Myra, a coastal town in the north, appears to significantly increased demand for iodine. Residents are trying by every means to prevent the negative effects of radiation.

10:00 - Even in Odawara, perferkture the western part of Kanagawa, south of Tokyo, then a reasonable distance from the most affected areas is felt quiet panic. Fuel no longer on any one gas station, and the remaining have created a series of several kilometers. Almost the shops are closed, probably because of upcoming blackout. Shops that work no longer have the basic food and water - said Justin Sullivan via the BBC's on live coverage on their site.

9:24 - There was another earthquake measuring 6.1 on the Richter scale. The epicenter was located about 153 kilometers from Sendaija. Began power cuts.

Yukio Edan, Japanese government spokesman, noted that the Chernobyl disaster will not happen because the current nuclear power plants built to much stricter criteria. Hoping to prevent a new explosion, sea water is pumped into the reactor No. 3 The situation in the reactor 2 is still unchanged.

09:15 - Japanese authorities said that after the failure of cooling the reactor 2 Preparations for pumping sea water around it.

08:50 - The United States decided to move their boats 7th fleet away from the quake-stricken Japan after it was discovered low doses of radiation.

A spokesman for the fleet said the radiation is contained in a pillar of smoke and steam that izdizao from the damaged plant Fukushima where the earthquake and tsunami recorded two explosions of hydrogen.

Radiation instruments were found on the U.S. aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan.

08:02 - After the explosion of reactor 1 and 3, the news agency reported that he canceled the cooling system in the second reactor

Residents of 13-millions Tokyo rushed to the shops in order to equip food, water and energy. Power Failure is only a matter of time.

According to the New York Times, the U.S. aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan, which is located along the eastern coast of Japan went through a radioactive cloud and his crew were allegedly exposed to radiation. It is alleged that the sailors in an hour were subjected to a monthly dose of radiation.

TOKYO - After a Saturday in an explosion in a nuclear reactor plant Fukushima, tonight is a new explosions rocked the area. Exploded in the third reactor.

Japanese authorities claim that the protective shell around the reactor was not damaged and that the accumulated hydrogen gas exploded, however, warned that the remaining population within 20 kilometers of not leaving the house because of the possible spread of radiation.

The good news is that the Tokai reactor nuclear power plant, 120 kilometers away from Tokyo, started to cool. Specifically, there was an earthquake occurred after the cancellation of the cooling system, but fortunately, an auxiliary pump successfully began operations.

Japanese troops on the beaches in Miyagi Prefecture on Monday found 2000 corpses. For now, the official death toll in the earthquake of 1647 is still 1720 even while the person is considered missing. Japanese authorities have announced that they fear that the death toll could exceed 10 000.

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Apocalypse in Japan, earthquake and tsunami, hundreds dead

Japan was hit by the strongest earthquake in its history. The damages are huge, but not cataclysmic, and thanks to the solid construction and perfect the system of protection against tsunamis. So far, at least 378 dead, but the final balance will be much worse. Gone are the ship and trains full of passengers ...

>>>> NEW <<<<22:43 company Tokyo Electric Power Company said it may have been a leak of radiation from nuclear power Fukushima-Daiichi, the BBC reported. The agency Kyodo said that the level of radiation within the reactor 1000 times higher than normal. Japanese Prime Minister announced that all who live within 10 miles of nuclear power must leave their homes.

22:10 Today's earthquake in Japan was the strongest in the region over the past 1200 years, said David Applegate of the U.S. Geological Survey. The devastating earthquake triggered a notch in the earth's crust 240 kilometers long and 80 kilometers wide!

21:50 It is possible that there is a low-level radioactive leaks at nuclear central prefecture of Fukushima, the minister warned Banri Kaieda. A spokesman for the company, which draws energy installations Tokyo Electric Power has admitted that the pressure is growing inside a reactor. - Pressure is increasing on the inside and try to rule the situation - he said.

Broadcast live from the disaster site can be viewed HERE.

21:30 Japanese agency Kyodo reported that the death toll rose to at least 378, but feared that the earthquake killed as 1000 people.

20:10 The situation in the nuclear power plant in the Fukushimi seems to be getting worse, the BBC reported. Japanese Trade Minister Banri Kaieda said they were getting closer to a decision that emits radioactive steam to reduce pressure in the reactor, reports the AP. Engineers trying to repair the system for cooling the reactor, which was damaged in an earthquake. New earthquake of 6.6 degrees shook the central Japan.

19:35 Minor earthquakes continue to be felt in Japan, 12 hours after the country hit by a devastating earthquake. BBC correspondent in Tokyo reports that the official number of dead rose to 350, while about 500 people missing.

19:10 Scientists have announced that today's earthquake in Japan, the world's fifth strongest since 1900. year. He is 8000 times stronger than the one that destroyed the city Christchurch, New Zealand. - The energy that is released during this earthquake was almost equal to one month consumption in the U.S. - said Brian Atwater of the U.S. Geological Survey

19:01 President of the United States Barack Obama at a press conference said that the Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kanu offered assistance and expressed his condolences.

- Today's event reminds us how fragile life is. Our thoughts and hearts are with friends from Japan. We will be with them while they recover from this tragedy, "Obama said.

18:25 AFP reports that disappeared during the quake and another train.

18:15 BBC reports that the Tokyo company said electrical energy to the pressure in a nuclear power plant rekatoru Fukushima-Daiichi and continues to grow and that there is a risk from radiation. Kyodo news agency reports that are expected to increase the number of dead above 1,000.

18:02 - Supervision of the tsunami is carried out, and Canada, no tsunami warning because they retreated Australia and New Zealand. The warning is still in force in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru.

Six earthquake hit northeast Japan, a magnitude 6.1 on the Richter scale, others are weaker. World Nuclear Organization (WNA) has announced that the situation in the Fukushima nuclear power plants under control. Water is pumped into the cooling system.

17:52 The BBC has released a map of movement and height of tsunami waves that hit Japan and other countries. Tickets can be seen here

17:20 Japanese police confirmed that the death toll rose to at least 337, reports AFP.

16:45 Two minor earthquake of 5.1 on the Richter scale hit the eastern coast of Japan. Fukushima nuclear power plant, which was canceled due to the cooling system of the earthquake, should begin to operate normally and will be withdrawn a warning about the nuclear threat, reports AFP. The Japanese army sent 300 aircraft and 40 ships to help in rescue efforts.

16:00 Unable cooling of nuclear reactors at the Fukushima, authorities have increased the radius of the evacuation of three kilometers from these plants. More than 6000 people will go out of their homes. The Japanese army sent troops to chemical venue. According to preliminary information, it will evacuate residents within 10 kilometers of the plant.

14:54 - Japanese police said that between 200 and 300 corpses found in the northeastern coastal area where the earthquake caused a tsunami. Tremor measuring 8.9 degrees Richter scale caused a water surge of seven feet, followed by the 50-odd small earthquake was the strongest of which was magnitude 6 degrees.

14:36 - Passenger train with an unknown number of passengers went missing after the tsunami struck the coast of Japan, reports Kyodo News. The composition of the company East Japan Railway Co.. it passed near Nobiru station on the line that connects Senseki Sendai and Ishinomaki, when there was a strong earthquake.

View Požar u nuklearnoj elektrani Onagawa in a larger map

14:29 - The number of dead has risen to 90, announced that public television NHK. National Police Agency reports that 60 people were killed, 56 disappeared and 241 were injured.

14:10 - Water wave height of 1.5 meters came to the U.S. Pacific island of Midway, and continued toward the U.S. west coast. Experts say that this first wave, and that those who follow will be much higher. The tsunami struck in Hawaii, where authorities ordered the evacuation of people along the coast.

13:50 - Authorities ordered the evacuation of 2800 residents within a radius of 2 kilometers from the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Employees can not shut down the reactor power after a failed cooling system.

13:35 - Japanese police said that the death toll climbed to 60 while 56 people missing.

13:18 - Hakodate - Historic port of Hakodate Japan has become a ghost town after a two-meter wave of water covered the downtown area, and authorities ordered the evacuation of 30 000 people. In the city where only police and firefighters.

Miyagi Prefecture Police prioćila that the tsunami took a passenger ship with about a hundred people. The fate of passengers is not yet known.

13:10 - TOKYO - At least 40 people were killed and 39 are missing. Another 241 people were injured, said the Japanese police. Public television reports that the death toll 44th Near the epicenter, in preferkturi Iwate, confirmed 17 cases srmtnih.

12:53 - Japanese authorities have declared a state of emergency due to fire in a nuclear power plant Onagawa. Although the fire broke out in the turbine area, away from the reactor, and there were increasing radiation, a state of emergency allows the implementation of measures in the event of an accident.

Prime Minister of Japan, Naoto Kan, said residents near nuclear power plants do not have to take any specific action.

- We have proclaimed a state of emergency in order to prepare for each case. Please note, there is no and there will be no increase in radiation - said Chief Cabinet Yukio Edan and asked residents to remain calm.

Onagawa nuclear power plant in Miyagi Prefecture, is under the control of the company's Tohoku Electric Power.

The Japanese news agency Kyodo News has been informed that the fire reactors for safety reasons, conducted in Fukushima nuclear power plant.

12:00 - TAIPEI - Water wave caused by an earthquake in Japan has come to the shores of Taiwan. Fortunately, the waves were the height of only 10 inches and hit the Thai resort of eastern and north-eastern coast in the early evening.

Taiwanese authorities have stated that they are not expected to pose a tsunami threat, and Japan have offered help in finding missing persons.

11:54 - According to the U.S. Geological supervisory services, today's earthquake in Japan is the fifth most powerful ever recorded. Also, it is the strongest earthquake in the history of Japan.

11:42 - Japanese authorities have announced that they ran in intensity 8.9 on the Richter scale killed 32 people. This information has not yet been confirmed by officials, police and firefighters Tokyo.

Four nukelarne power, nearest the epicenter of the earthquake, were closed down for security reasons, according to the Center for emergencies and accidents of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

The Onagawa plant in Miyagi Prefecture, there was a fire, but so far no signs of radiation. Fire broke out in the turbine area, away from the reactors.

11:19 - Japanese agency for crisis management and police reported to have killed at least 29 people.

After the first shock of earthquakes, followed by another two dozen smaller ones, among whom one had a magnitude of 6.3 degrees.

11:06 - AP reports that there was a fire at a nuclear power plant in Miyagi Prefecture in northeast Japan. Fire engulfed part of the plant where the turbine. According to preliminary information, a nuclear reactor is safe and no signs of radioactivity or casualties.

11:03 -  Malaysia has called on residents of the island of Kalimantan to stay away from coastal areas, but authorities say the country is not in danger of tsunami.

Elevated levels of the sea surface and the restless are expected between 11 and 17 hours in the CET, said the Malaysian Meteorological Service.

10:57 - The Japanese government announced that it has killed 17 people, but the agency reported that the total number of fatalities has reached 26 people.

The authorities of the island of Guam ordered the evacuation of people from coastal areas. Google started its own Internet search engine to inform the danger of a tsunami.

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2012 and the transition

Will 2012th years mark the end of the world? No way. However, it will mark the dawn of a new era of progress and development of human civilization.

For those people who will go through the transition to a new era and the dawn of a new day, the transition will be gradual, not abrupt. However, when future generations look back, will see that the 2012th was the focal point around which humanity turned and went in a new direction.

Many prophecies have indicated a period of chaos and desolation in the years preceding the winter solstice 2012th This can be understood as a program of action which urges the old order and complete resolution before the end of the old period. Old issues, suppressed for years, will leave the surface, demanding attention and solutions.

When the period of the old Mayan calendar back to zero, the old patterns will come, and the road will be passable for new forms that will be determined using the energy of the new period.

In the meantime, the best way to deal with tough times is the focus and resisting the temptations that draw in the drama and conflicts that arise when people focus only on themselves and their problems. Living in the present and focus on what exists, not on what might be or what should be, or which might cause fear, provides a way to reason in a world full of culminating stress.

Great Mayan calendar, which includes a cycle of 5125 years, consisting of 5 each integrated period. The first period of 5125 years is divided in 13 parts. Each of the 13 periods is divided into 20 parts. The result is a division into 20 parts as the Maya, each of which is made up of 18 months with the 20 days.

21 December 2012th for the first time in 5125-year calendar, these five periods will start again from scratch, which the Maya marked the date of

The Mayans understood and followed even more of these 5 periods. Total as many as 17 different calendar periods, some of which include cycles of more than 10 million years. The period of precession of the equinoxes takes 25 920 years and caused a slow shake of the Earth's polar axis. This period, which was also observed and Plato, is divided into twelve astrological year.

In accordance with this, 21st December 2012th also marks the simultaneous transition to 2160 years long rule of the membranes. It was then another period, unless it starts over again for the fourth time within a period of 25 920 years, starting from zero and 21 December.

The shift in focus towards the emotional awareness of the global event that has already begun. Each coming years more and more people are starting to feel the awareness and advancement on an emotional level, which is the essence of the upcoming new reality.

The new consciousness will flourish during the reign of the membranes, but thanks to the dawn of a new era, began even before that period. Although it has seriously begun to develop since the time of pioneer days 1960.god mind., A new awareness will develop and expand more rapidly after the winter solstice in 2012.

Thus, the beginning of change is not strictly connected with the beginning of a new period. It happens today, regardless of any period. It happens because people have come to the critical level of spiritual development, because it is time that humanity dispenses with the old school of life.

This transition is characterized by spiritual and creative awakening. Awareness of the new reality opens the door to new understandings and views of the new levels of creativity. During the dawn of the new realities of people starting to use their hearts to express their inner joy and to personally participate in creating a better world.

Located in the heart of the biggest cultural transitions of all time. The transition to the new reality is happening today and nothing can stop it. Start a new cosmic period 21 December 2012th will be the dawning of a new era in which mankind will at the global level to campaign after his emotional awareness.

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