Major changes in the entire solar system

NASA in complete secrecy for a long time watching a very interesting, amazing phenomenon, the phenomenon for which we ordinary mortals do not laugh, and we need to know anything. Phenomenon is called "Galactic Wave". An ordinary person knows little about this phenomenon, although it will greatly affect just in every living creature that is on this planet. NASA believes that it is not wise to talk about this phenomenon, in order not to spread panic, because the ordinary man can not seem to stop this "Galactic Wave", and therefore better not to know about it. Also that ordinary people know about this phenomenon, there would no longer be able to be puppets in which individuals build their business empires. No more ordinary folk as looked at their differences, but he turned in a different direction. Because the galactic wave best not to mention it would have been able to destroy many of the world powers, also would like a house of cards collapsed many human customs, traditions, who would become meaningless. If you dear reader think that this is just loads of crap, read the text to the end, I think you would be able to impress. So this is quite an introduction, from now until the end of this post brings evidence that will reveal the concept of "galactic wave".

Galactic wave travels from the center of our galaxy and is slowly expanding as you throw a stone into water from a central place throws, water waves spread around. By a similar principle work and galactic waves. Wave moving from the center of the galaxy, according to some calculations, the wave of mega solar systems to come every 62 million years ago. Proof that something is coming continuously from the center of galaxies gave us Dr. Rosine Lallement. Her study deals with the so-called "space cloud" that travel through space among the stellar also these same "space cloud" pass through our solar system. Najm al Lallement found that just these "clouds" coming from the exact center of our galaxy. This is certainly evidence that soaring energy comes precisely from the center of our galaxy. The waves of energy traveling from the center of our galaxy, and slowly toward the outskirts. What does this mean for us humans? It's hard to say, we could speculate but turn to something much more important. Look at the facts that prove to be something big stores with our solar system.

Take a trip to our solar system and see what happens on the planet:

We start on Mercury, NASA's Messenger probe has recorded a stunning photographs, which reveal that Mercury raging violent magnetic storms, a large number of magnetic tornado incredible power. Most interesting of all, a statement which said that these storms extremely intensified in the last two years. James Slavin of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, said: "We did not expect such strong storms. With the tremendous confidence we can say that the Mercury global warming took hold. This proves to be something going on Mercury, the planet started to change dramatically.

 The second planet in our solar system Venus: in the last thirty years, Venus' brightness is increased by a whopping 2500%. So Venus is 2500% brighter, changing the atmosphere of Venus, the planet produces much more energy, warmer than it was thirty years ago. As the warmer means experiencing global warming. Unbelievable!

The fourth planet SS Mars: In the last thirty years there have been clouds on Mars, not great, but before it never happened. Rising temperatures on Mars, began to melt ice on the poles of the planet, it is nothing but a global warming of Mars.

At Jupiter disappear its characteristic egg-shaped white spots. Great expert in this field Dr. Phillip Marcus says it is because of global warming 18 degrees of Jupiter. Also appearing huge storm on Jupiter, much stronger than they ever were before. Jupiter's moons Io over the last thirty years to 1000% more shine. Moon Europa also recorded a large increase in its brightness. NASA was quite surprised at the change moon Europa.

Saturn ring becomes thicker. On Saturn's poles appear strange auroras, which had never been on pole. Said Dr. JT Trauger one of the top experts from NASA. He also noted the global warming of the planet and increase the heat, especially around Saturn's equator.

Uranium 1986th vol. a dull, featureless planet. Today on the planet, mega-huge storms that are clearly visible Hubble telescope, and as orange spots. But that's not all the planets around the south pole appears something like whiteish ring.

Neptune is almost the same story as well as Uranus. The planet is much more brilliant, some strange white rings appear at the poles, which had never been on Uranus and Neptune. All this clearly indicates a major change of these two planets.

Also, Pluto, although it was relegated to the level of dwarf planet is experiencing tremendous changes, but I published a post earlier that says Pluto changes color. Photos, released by NASA show that Pluto is much redder than it was last several decades. Layman Pluto looks yellow-orange, but astronomers say that 20% redder than it was before.

Let's finish this trip on our Earth. On a planet of great changes are happening that are clearly visible. Global warming is also present as well as all the planets of the solar system. Melting the ice at the poles, sea level is dramatically increased. Strongly increased seismic activity on the planet, volcanic activity increases, the temperature is raised. Mega storms, hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, all this has dramatically increased. Heats up the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. This clearly indicates warming core of Earth.

So this is evidence that the solar system, dramatic changes occur. Consider what it might mean for people on this planet. Because it is difficult to believe that these interplanetary changes have an impact only on increasing the brightness of planets, the planets, the temperature increase or change in magnetic properties of the planet. I think that these changes have a major impact on all living beings on this planet, here is the first evidence of my claims. The increase in the planet's temperature will definitely speed up the vibrations of molecules (all molecules vibrate, heat speeds up the process). To prove that this is already happening, and that the increase in temperature has an effect on people. In the last 100 years, has proven conclusively that the planet's temperature rises. Parallel with this fact, in the last 100 years of human development is a huge swing. People are in the last hundred years more advanced than ever before. Coincidence or cold, hard facts? Think about the answer to this question ...

So we have evidence that the whole solar system is undergoing dramatic changes, in my opinion we have evidence that these changes are already greatly affect our human population, but let's get back to that which we discussed earlier. Galactic wave no longer looks like an imaginary phenomenon, on the contrary gets look very realistic appearance, the appearance of which we know very little.

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