Planet X is coming

What is Planet X - Elena - Nibiru?

Celestial body, the great mass of the hydrogen atom is, which will pass between Earth and sun, and when the 26th September 2011. come into alignment position / conjunction, it is certain planetary axis shift of 90 degrees!
Stop the Earth's rotation, the days of darkness, movement of geologic plates, universal flood, mega earthquakes, hurricane winds, the firestorm ... Gone is the world we know.

  What happens?

Planet X or comet Elena, that is officially appointed, or Nibiru, as it was called The ancient Sumerians, the planet of our solar system whose existence was not publicly announced. Elongated, elliptical orbit that every 3657 years touring around our sun. On his way to the inner part of the solar system for years to many changes on Earth, which marks its passage and the possible consequences. Under the influence of heat to the entire planet, solar system, not just Earth. It seems that this is a very large body, maybe so. brown dwarf, shrouded in mist, which travels the red dirt, stones and three months (?) like a small constellation.

Planet X is a strong magnet, that when the critical position of the alignment between the sun and Earth - and, this conjunction will be joined by Mercury, Saturn and Uranus - will be his strong embrace so tightly cover the Earth to wake up all the natural forces which it sleep, and to the extent that it is not possible to imagine ...
If the speculation on the basis of which are amateurs, and professionals, people around the world connected to the Internet, have brought these conclusions (there is no confirmed information is to be expected), then give us a few weeks following the beginning of the worst possible scenario ... Extinction Level Event, the event-level destruction ...

   Key dates transit

The text of message NASA which 10.6. o.g. staff declares a state of revised springs amateur astronomers, from the Internet

AU -  stands for a measure distances in the cosmos, which is slightly less than 150 million miles, or roughly the size of the distance of Earth from the Sun


 * 27.2. conjunction - an earthquake in Chile, 8.8 degrees Richer; 6042 AU away from Earth 4.9. conjunction with the sun and earth - an earthquake in New Zealand, Christchurch, 7.2 Richer; 6258 AU from the Earth


 * 11.3. conjunction - an earthquake in Japan, 9 ° richer (even weeks-long series of strong earthquakes); 2101 AU from the Earth

  * 27.6. crosses the orbit of Mars

Since the beginning of August to the end of October 2011. Planet X, which is a huge magnet, the intensive will affect the Earth's magnetic pole, and hence on the seismic, volcanic and atmospheric activity in the country. From September to November can be seen with the naked eye.

  * 3.8. crosses the orbit of the Earth

  * 15.8. comes very close to the equator of the Sun - Solar storms begin, strong electromagnetic radiation in the sky were two suns

  * 18.8. crosses the path of Venus

In September, expected multiple solar storms for weeks - off satellites, the collapse of electronic equipment, communication, loss of electricity.

  * 11.9. point of perihelion - Planet X is the closest to the Sun, only 44.73 million miles/55.9 million km

  *  27.9. Day pass planets between the Sun and Earth - Another great conjunction, the closest alignment with the earth and the sun and Mercury, Saturn and Uranus! distance only 0381 AU from Earth - is expected to capture the gravity of Planet X Earth and vigorously shake it - moving the Earth's axis

This is the most dangerous day when you can expect to break the magnetic poles of the Earth - moving geological plates, ice and the sinking of the soil, long-term mega-earthquakes of 15 Richter, ultra strong solar electromagnetic radiation, massive volcanic activity, hurricane winds, fire storms, tsunamis several hundred meters around the world deep into the mainland and the high in the mountains, general flood ...

  * 3.10. conjunction of Mercury, the Sun, Planet X - Earth

  * 17.10. Planet X is the closest to Earth - distance 0232 AU  or 21 million miles / 35 million km - the culmination of seismic and volcanic activity, but the earth's plates float ...

  * 5.11. Planet X is a 0348 AU away from Earth - is entering the next conjunction, a country in the field, its tail from which the dust and debris caught in the earth - for this period NASA uses the term''Great Time''(but not announced a state of emergency and release! )

  * 14.11. Other times exceeds the orbit of Mars, and moves toward the third conjunct

  * 23.11. Sun - Earth - Planet X - distance from Earth 0596 AU, a partial solar eclipse, a dangerous alignment similar to 15.3. Japan 9 ° richer, but now the situation after moving the axis of the planet -''date of clearance of whatever it was, and whoever survived''(NASA)

  * 4.12. is a conjunction - the second pass, the Sun - Mercury - Earth - Planet X


  21.12.2012. at distances from 5.20 AU last conjunction of the Sun - Earth - Elena before they move in the direction of deep space


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