2012, directed the New World Order

Canadian journalist and researcher Serge Monast first warned of the Project Blue Beam, in the mid nineties, and then suddenly died under suspicious circumstances. The plan is carried out in four steps, and the final result should be a final and complete establishment of the new world order, with the new faith.

In the 21 century, almost nothing is impossible. And even fake Apocalypse. At least so say many Internet sources that are referenced in the story of NASA's Project Blue Beam (Blue Air). The first is the alleged project warned a journalist and researcher Serge Monast (1945-1996), which are part of a Masonic conspiracy theories and new world order is still very popular and cited. Monast was unable to "just so" to spread his truth, he founded the Free Press Agency (AIPL, l'Agence Internationale de Presse Libre), who published his work and warned of the dangers that threaten the world's governments. His first story about the Blue ray released in 1994, in 1995. and his most comprehensive work "The Protocols of Toronto, 6.6.6" (Les Protocoles de Toronto (6.6.6), written on the model of "Protocols of the Elders of Zion", where he stated that the Masonic group 6.6.6. stores that within 20 years, takes precedence and establish a new world order and the mind control of individuals. During the 1995th and 1996. Manastir complained that he haunts the police and the government - for participation in the "network of restricted information" and that they feared for their lives. September 1996, Canadian authorities seized his two children because they are educated at home rather than in public schools. Somewhat later, in December, after a night spent in custody, he died at home, officially of a heart attack, although had not suffered from the heart. Monast's supporters now claim that the death was violent, and actually performed psihotronic weapons - as is already customary in the new world order. 

And what is written Serge Monast mid-1990s? When the impartial observer views the world as long arrived in the meantime - his theory does not work it is impossible or at least - not impracticable .... The technology is largely in place, just missing (if?) Sufficient disease minds to use it .... Many believe that the "final" story - "Night of a thousand stars" - set the date: it is precisely the fatal 21st 12th 2012th

Many of today cite Monast's works, and some add something of your own, and draw from all this, most claims. All in all, the alleged project of Blue Beem is designed to fake the second coming of the Messiah, and would take place in four "steps".

The first step involves disrupt the fundamental beliefs about human origins, religious doctrines, and the whole philosophy of life. Does this act like a difficult task? By Monast, it's more than feasible (especially when one considers that the science of Monast?s time progressed further). Allegedly the world's governments could easily trigger earthquakes at selected strategic locations (they, unfortunately, our findings provide their Nikola Tesla ...), where they will "accidentally" be discovered ancient, ever "lost" archaeological evidence that would call into question all interpretations great religious doctrines. By Monast, preparation for this has been done through various media disinformation campaign and sci-fi movies about alien civilizations and technologies.

"Seedling" falsified evidence will reveal to archaeologists who will suggest that, regardless of which religion and culture were the new findings show that the believers were "duped" for thousands of years. This would most people doubted in their respective fundamental spiritual belief in God, the Bible and other versions of Judgement Day.

Step two requires that the laser light and the sounds used to project bright and completely made-up "show programs" in the sky. Some in connection with this part of the plan and bring chemtrails, chemical traces of planes, in addition to poison us, the skies are white or gray, which is the ideal backdrop for these projections - as a cinema screen.

What will be the theme of space plays a large scale? Besides the UFO files, with three-dimensional optical hologram and special sounds, he would find himself there, and religious "widget": different images for different parts of the world - in line with the dominant national religious beliefs in this area. "God's" voice will be heard in several languages (this will be achieved by transmitting over very low frequencies using the HAARP complex). All of this will be the simulation of the Apocalypse, in which all nations will be shown the target scene (for Christians - the Bible). Apparently they have already designed devices that can pick up in the air a large number of people, those people on Earth will not be seen. By Monast, an introduction for this is "exercise" with the alleged abduction by aliens. Computers will coordinate the satellites that will project images, and software performance has long been ready.

With computer animation and sounds appropriate, the followers of different religions may believe will be their savior back. And then the projection of Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna .... - Merge into one - the one God. This "God" said Monast, just being the Antichrist, which will further clarify that the various holy books wrongly understood and interpreted (for which humanity would already be prepared in the first step of the project), and that the old religion is to blame for the fact that the brothers and nations fighting each other. So - the old religious doctrine should be abolished to pave the way for the world religion of a new era with a new "god" - the Antichrist.

This shows that, as planned, resulted in the disappearance of social and religious differences, and the people would blame each other for the previous "errors" in terms of religion, which led to millions of religious fanatics. Monast argues that, no less - the official religion of the United Nations to introduce a new era, all with Beethoven's Ode to Joy.

The third step is to be designed in a certain vision of human minds, so it looks like it is a personal idea of ​​each individual to be contacted BOG. This is possible by using EL F, VLF, LF waves (and scalar waves), which affect the brain activity so that people can hear God speaking to him. It is not unknown, but there is an interactive computer system is able to mix "their" ideas into your thinking naturally, so you can not tell the difference. All in all, most people will know "the heart" is exactly what God wants you supposed to believe. "Without a universal belief in religion, New Age, the success of the new world order will be impossible!" - Writes Monast.

Step four involves electronically induced supernatural phenomena, in short - we will work on making humanity believe that the alien invasion just started in every major city on the planet, what will all those who possess nuclear weapons to force you to activate or bar - open stance at the ready. The world will be on the brink of nuclear annihilation, but - to the attacks will never come. However, this extremely dangerous situation to be the reason that all nations come together and disarm under UN auspices. Incidentally, this will make the Christians believe that the attack did not come just because some other benevolent alien forces came to save the "good" people on Earth from a brutal Satanic attack "bad" aliens.

And then comes the finale - the so-called "Night of a thousand stars." By Monastovom view, all those who stood in the way of the new world order will be arrested, killed or declared "missing", all under the guise of biblical upcoming Ascension. Although the purported 'saviors (good aliens) arrived - this does not mean that the battle was won, but it is necessary to ensure complete unity to humanity survived. And to come to that, he explains Monast, engineered a special "light show". During one or two nights will be used psychotronic and other devices - for designing the supernatural, Satanic images in human minds, many will see the spirits, to fall into a state close to madness, which will cause a global panic, suicides, murders, riots, etc. After the "Night thousands of stars, "also known as the" Night of a thousand stars, "people will be willing to accept any new" messiah "who would restore peace and order, even if it cost us all of freedom.

And when will all this happen? Monast talked about some twenty years ago (late 1995), and, as he explains, the first indication that the start of the implementation plan will be - change the monetary system. This part of the preparation for it will happen in two phases. The first phase involves created an economic crisis (that is, most agree, has occurred, 2008, and recently the world of "almost" shook another, when there was talk of possible bankruptcy of America). All in all, the crisis will lead to a "need" to change the dollar into a new currency - one that will be used in the United States, and the other in the world. And then, considered Monast, to be staged yet another crisis that will completely solve the problem. This second crisis is supposed to occur due to the rapid increase of corruption, fraud and counterfeiting of money. All of this will be resolved easily, so that the world will be "free" cache and the entire financial system will be transferred to your computer. In this way the new world order will be able to track all financial transactions and to easily find out everything you wanted to know. By following the money will be easy to detect a potential problem and his opponent, and to eliminate them. You probably do not need to clarify, but anonymous cash means freedom, and therefore it simply must be removed to be established complete control.

Well ... So writes Serge Monast, a "premiere" performances by many is scheduled for 21 December 2012 (if that would mean that the whole story about the meaning of the Mayan calendar, the result of manipulation '). Probably most of all it seems like science fiction, but - why not? The technology exists, madmen hungry for power also exist "since the beginning of time," handler there ... nothing is impossible. How many people believe the rumors about the Nazi death camps in Hitler's time? Have you, for example, believe that someone in the 20 century can slaughter and torture their Slavic brethren, or to someone on the justice of God bombed a European capital - Belgrade, and kill so many innocent people in Serbia? Or that someone (who?) Organize driving plane and the demolition of "twin towers"? Rumors about evil in the minds of people, stories about the crimes - an ordinary man often seen as just - rumors, because most people simply can not believe that other people are able to do such things, or that one's power to organize. And these things did happen and that is why nothing is impossible (though - we do not claim to be such a thing really happen). Just imagine a situation in which (I repeat - the technology for something like this already exists) may not know whether our thoughts - it really ours.

Think about it ...

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