None of the end of the world 2012th?

Experts for the Mayans decided to bar a little dilute the hysteria that grows as we approach the date in question - the end of world is Western idea, something like Maya does not even mention.

End of the world will not occur 21st December 2012. the claims a senior member of the Mayan, despite frequent claims that Mayan calendar shows that the time will then cease to flow.

Apolinario Chile Pixtun is tired of questions about the world.

''I came back last year from England where I was tired of such nonsense''he says.

Important period for the Mayans ends on this date, and various enthusiasts have found a series of astronomical alignment that will occur the 2012th, among which are those that occur every 25 800 years.

But most archaeologists, astronomers and Maya believes that the only thing that could hit the country over the next three years the rain New Age philosophy, pop astronomy, rumors about the end of the world on the internet and TV to this speciali the topic.

But for Pixtuna things might get worse when the new Hollywood disaster film 2012 which shows the terrible earthquakes, tsunamis and meteor showers (of which a cast aircraft carrier into the White House) goes to the cinema distribution.

Pixtun, otherwise from Guatemala says that the theories about the end of the world expanded Westerners, not Maya.

Hysteria over 2012. There are also some sort of archaeological foundation. It the so-called. Six monument, which was found during the reconstruction highway in Mexico 1960.

                                        photo: fraction of the Mayan calendar

Inscription on the stone describes what will happen to these year.
The associated Yokte Bolon, a mysterious Mayan god of war and of creation. However, due to erosion of the end of the disputed passage is illegible.

Guillermo Bernal, an archaeologist at Mexico's National autonomous museum assumes that the damaged part of the word''Lower will be from heaven'', but he also points out that there are Mayan records and
dates after 2012. even to the 4772.

''It's about creating a special anniversary. Mayans never mention the end of the world, or that on that date something bad happen. It's just important dates for them, the end of an era'', said David Stuart, a specialist in Maya epigraph from the University of Austin.

But the Mayans knew a secret, however - 21 December 2012. the Sun to the winter solstice will be aligned with our Milky Way, which is occurs only once in 25,800 years.

 documentary film about the Maya

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